Apply for Permits

A permit is a document that authorizes construction or installation of a building, sign or certain projects. The sections of this page are intended to guide you through the permitting process. 

Do I Need a Permit? - This is where you will find a general list of projects that require a permit.

 Permit Requirements - Information about which items are required on a set of plans can be found on the website by going to the search box at the top right corner of any screen. Input a keyword about your project.  A key word to input could be “residential”, “commercial”, “wall” or “addition” and so on.  Relevant key words should lead you to information about your specific project.

View permit Status and Inspection Results in the new customer portal. 

How to get started with our new online Customer Portal permit, project and license management systemYour organization will be required to create an online portal account prior to submitting new applications, making payments, scheduling inspections, etc. 

  • New customers, without existing permits or applications, may proceed to the customer portal and create your new account.