Animals and Pets

Dog winner of Doggie Dash 2017 with smiling owner

The following information is designed to help guide pet ownership in Oro Valley, as well as provide resources for reporting wild animals, locating shelters, or answering any other questions residents may have regarding their pets and other animals.

Dog Licenses
Dog licenses are required annually and can be obtained at Pima Animal Care Center, (520)243-5900. Rabies vaccinations are required for dogs before licensing.

Dog Leash Law
Oro Valley's leash law requires a dog to be confined within the owner's property unless the animal is on a leash six feet or shorter, with a person on the other end. Tethering your pet is not permitted in Oro Valley.

Heat & Your Pets
Pets need a period of adjustment to this climate. Always make sure your pet has an adequate supply of fresh water and shade when left outside. Never leave your pet in a parked car. The outside temperature, coupled with the car temperature, can reach levels of heat capable of killing your pet within minutes.

Animal and Pet Resource Directory

Oro Valley Town Code

Animal Care | Pet Services

  • Pima County Humane Society (520) 327-6088
  • Friends of Animals (203) 656-1522
  • Foundation for Animals In Risk (FAIR) (520) 722-3553
  • Pima Animal Care Center (520) 243-5900
  • Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue (520) 979-2282
    • Rescue, foster and adoption program for rescued dogs and cats
    • Adoptions at Petco, Oro Valley Market Place and Ace Hardware Store
    • Dedicated to supporting the Oro Valley Community and its four-legged residents
    • Promoting Oro Valley as one of the most pet-friendly towns in the country through saving at-risk shelter animals
    • 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization


Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue
For help with pets or wild animals that are stuck, sick or injured

  • Animal Experts (520) 531-1020
  • Tucson Wildlife HelpLine (520) 792-3947
  • Forever Wild Bird Sanctuary - (520) 574-3579


For Assistance with Wildlife

For information and assistance with wild animals
(including coyotes, javelinas, snakes and dead animals)

For Injured animals

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (520) 792-3947