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The 2024 Spring edition of our newsletter, Behind the Meter, is now out! Click here to learn how we deliver your water to your home.

Interested in learning more about the Water Utility? Check out the OVPathForward brochure on Water Resources and Climate.

Oro Valley is committed to the long-term sustainable production and delivery of water resources that meets or exceeds all water quality standards in a cost-effective environmentally responsible manner.

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The Engineering / Development & Planning section of the Water Utility is committed to delivering excellent service and the highest quality of water to every customer. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of protecting our water source and environment, that is the heart of our community, our way of life and our children’s future.

Water Plan Review Process               

Water Utility Standard Details - Distribution

Water Utility Standard Details - Production

2018 Potable Water Master Plan

Water Utility Projects

The Oro Valley Water Utility works to maintain the purity and quality of the Utility’s water supply. It is our responsibility to see that the drinking water meets or exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water Quality & FAQs

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Certified Testers

The Water Conservation Program is an important element in the overall water resource management efforts of the Utility.  We are committed to providing a variety of tools that expand public education and advocacy regarding water conservation.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation FAQs

Water News / Reports

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Our 2024 Annual Report is now available. Click here to view.

Water Wisdom Video Series

Click here for an instructional video on how to Locate and Read Your Water Meter 

Click here for an instructional video on how to Find and Identify Leaks


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Water Wisdom Videos

This Water Wisdom video provides simple instructions for locating and reading your water meter.

Video - Locate and Read Your Water Meter


This video provides important tips to help you locate leaks

Video - Find and Identify Leaks