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Due to the transition to our new software system, ACH payments that were due to be deducted from customer accounts on September 7th will be delayed until September 28th. The ACH payment on the 28th will include the amount due for August and September. If you would like to make your August payment sooner, you can make a payment through the Customer Portal or contact customer service at 520-229-5000.

The Town of Oro Valley Water Utility has launched a new and improved customer service portal and billing system. The modern self-service portal will allow Water and Stormwater Utility customers to pay bills online, manage accounts and review consumption information online or on a mobile device. To sign up for the portal, visit watercs.orovalleyaz.gov/sign-up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new Water Utility Customer Portal is separate from WaterSmart, an online system that helps you track water use and set up leak alerts. There are no changes to WaterSmart. 

To access the new portal, all Water Utility and Stormwater Utility customers must register for a new account. Customers will need to refer to their last bill, as the payment amount is their registration code to set up online payments. If a customer doesn’t have their bill, they will need to call the Water Utility to set up an account.

Upon logging in for the first time, the system will automatically start a walk-through/orientation of the portal, showing customers how to use the dashboard and where to access forms, payment options and contact information. The system will also automatically import contact information that is currently on file (e.g. name, phone number, email, address).The customer portal allows customers to set up convenient payment methods such as credit card, e-check, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or a routing number. Customers who were enrolled in autopayments in the previous system will not need to re-enroll when they set-up an account. Customers can opt into autopayments on the portal dashboard. Please note that payments can no longer be made through the previous online system, which was discontinued on August 26. Customers can continue to pay by phone, mail or in person.

Customers will be able to access current account balances, statements or payment history and consumption information through the portal navigation bar. The new portal also provides direct access to important forms that can be filled out and submitted online for review and processing. These forms include leak adjustment requests, move in/out notifications and water service orders.

In addition to the new Water Utility Customer Portal, billing cycle dates are changing. The new bills are scheduled to go out on the 7th of every month and will be due the on 28th. Customers should expect to see their first water bill utilizing the new billing system on the week of September 12.

To allow customers to get familiar with the new billing system, the Water Utility will not be imposing late fees or water shutoffs for the months of September and October of this year. Regular enforcement for non-payment or delinquent accounts will resume November 1, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact the Water Utility at 520-229-5000 or email OVWater@orovalleyaz.gov.

Oro Valley Water Utility is committed to the long-term sustainable production and delivery of water resources that meets or exceeds all water quality standards in a cost-effective environmentally responsible manner.

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The Engineering / Development & Planning section of the Water Utility is committed to delivering excellent service, the highest quality of water to every customer. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of protecting our water source and environment that is the heart of our community, our way of life and our children’s future.

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Water Utility Standard Details - Distribution(PDF, 13MB)

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The Oro Valley Water Utility works to maintain the purity and quality of the Utility’s water supply. It is our responsibility to see that the drinking water meets or exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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The Water Conservation Program is an important element in the overall water resource management efforts of the Utility.  We are committed to providing a variety of tools that expand public education and advocacy regarding water conservation.

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This Water Wisdom video provides simple instructions for locating and reading your water meter.

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This video provides important tips to help you locate leaks

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