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Do you need to make a change to your Oro Valley Water Utility account?

Keeping your account updated ensures you will be contacted when there is a water emergency.

Access the Customer Portal and manage your account online:  

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By Phone

Call Water Utility Customer Service to make changes to your account for the reasons listed below. Depending on the situation, documentation may be required.

Step 1.In case of Divorce

If both parties are on the account at the time of divorce, the party who is leaving can call Customer Service at 520-229-5000 and remove their name from account.  

If the leaving party refuses to call, the remaining party can close the account and open a new account in their name. New Service Establishment Fees will applied to the new account. 

Step 2.In case of Death

Upon the death of the account holder and the survivor is on the account, the survivor may call Customer Service at 520-229-5000 and take the deceased’s name off the account.

If the survivor is not on the account the changes must be made in writing.

Step 3.Close Account

Call Customer Service at 520-229-5000 to schedule the water turn off.

Please provide two days advance notice and a forwarding address for final billing.

Step 4.Account Changes

Account holders may call Customer Services at 520-229-5000 to update address/billing information, telephone numbers, email addresses and authorized contact persons. 

In Writing

The Water Utility requires that the following changes are made in writing and submitted by mail, fax or in person.

  • By Mail: 11000 N La Cañada Dr, Oro Valley, AZ 85737
  • By Fax: 520-229-5029
  • In Person: 11000 N La Cañada Dr, Oro Valley

In case of Death

Upon the death of the account holder and the survivor is not on the account:

  1. Mail, fax or bring a copy of the death certificate into the office and request removal of deceased’s name
  2. Add survivor's name to the account.

No fees are associated with the removal or addition of surviving spouse’s name to the account as long as documentation is provided. If a relative moves into the home, a new account will be established and fees assessed appropriately.