Behind the Scenes


Government plays a role in all of our lives, but the extent of that role can be surprising. That's why we're launching the “Behind the Scenes” video series, where each month, we’ll give Oro Valley residents a closer look at the work staff does day-to-day. Check back monthly to see new highlights from the town's many departments - each of which is accomplishing exciting things to keep our community functioning and moving forward.

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Stormwater Utility

Oro Valley residents know just how powerful a desert monsoon can be, but who ensures that the sheer volume of water doesn't damage our town infrastructure? Learn about Stormwater Utility and the valuable service they provide our town year round.

Finance Department

The Town of Oro Valley Budget is a complex document taking nearly 8 months to create. Learn about the staff who oversee this collaborative process and how they take the Town's financial data and communicate it back to residents through a variety of reports.


Planning Division

The Town of Oro Valley Planning Division are masters of the Town Code. This month Bayer Vella, the Town's Principal Planner discusses what a day in his life looks like while talking about some of the Planning Division's most innovative successes. 


Town Clerk Department

The town clerk's office serves as the administrative hub for municipal affairs, managing vital records, licenses, and permits essential for the functioning of the community. It facilitates democratic processes by overseeing elections, maintaining official records, and providing public access to governmental information. Additionally, the office supports local government operations by coordinating meetings, managing agendas, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements, fostering transparency and accountability within the town's governance structure. Follow Michelle Stine as she discusses her role with the town and how her own personal love of history drives her in her position as Deputy Town Clerk. 

Public Works

If you've ever driven on a town road, stopped at a crosswalk, visited the community center, or used the Town's Sun Shuttle service, you've been impacted by our Public Works Department. Learn more about what these first responders do from various Public Works Staff.