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Come here for the good salary and benefits, stay because Oro Valley is a great place to embrace innovation, serve an engaged community and collaborate with an energetic team of professionals! If you embrace innovation and public service, the Town of Oro Valley is the place for you!

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Oro Valley is proud to be one of the safest cities in Arizona. If you are interested in a law enforcement career, please click the career information page below.




Job descriptions provide an overview, essential job duties performed, and working conditions for a given job classification.

Accounting Specialist(PDF, 148KB)
Administrative Coordinator(PDF, 152KB)
Applications Supervisor(PDF, 98KB)
Assistant Aquatics Manager(PDF, 38KB)
Assistant Director of Public Works(PDF, 147KB)
Assistant Recreation Manager(PDF, 145KB)
Assistant Town Manager(PDF, 91KB)
Assistant Town Prosecutor(PDF, 37KB)
Building Inspector I(PDF, 146KB)
Building Inspector II(PDF, 149KB)
Building Permit Technician(PDF, 93KB)
Chief Civil Deputy Attorney(PDF, 144KB)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)(PDF, 99KB)
Chief Procurement Officer(PDF, 93KB)
CIP Project Manager(PDF, 96KB)
Civil Engineer(PDF, 144KB)
Civil Engineering Designer(PDF, 142KB)
Civil Engineering Technician(PDF, 143KB)
Code Compliance Specialist(PDF, 151KB)
Communications Administrator(PDF, 149KB)
Community & Economic Development Director(PDF, 151KB)
Constituent Services Coordinator - Management Assistant(PDF, 96KB)
Construction Inspector - Public Works(PDF, 145KB)
Construction Inspector - Water Utility(PDF, 146KB)
Contract Specialist(PDF, 94KB)
Court Administrator(PDF, 94KB)
Court Clerk(PDF, 86KB)
Courtroom Clerk(PDF, 91KB)
Court Security Coordinator(PDF, 95KB)
Crime Analyst(PDF, 142KB)
Crime Scene Technician Supervisor(PDF, 148KB)
Custodian(PDF, 147KB)
Customer Service Representative(PDF, 144KB)
Customer Service Specialist(PDF, 147KB)
Database Analyst(PDF, 94KB)
Deputy Court Administrator(PDF, 91KB)
Deputy Police Chief(PDF, 148KB)
Deputy Town Clerk(PDF, 147KB)
Director of Public Works(PDF, 148KB)
Digital Content Specialist(PDF, 151KB)
Economic Development Specialist(PDF, 146KB)
Emergency Management and Safety Coordinator(PDF, 93KB)
Engineering Design Reviewer(PDF, 145KB)
Engineering Division Manager(PDF, 150KB)
Executive Assistant to Manager & Council(PDF, 92KB)
Facilities Maintenance Technician(PDF, 93KB)
Facility Attendant(PDF, 36KB)
Facility Maintenance Supervisor(PDF, 147KB)
Facility Shift Leader(PDF, 38KB)
Finance & Budget Administrator(PDF, 149KB)
Finance Director/CFO(PDF, 150KB)
Fitness Instructor(PDF, 37KB)
Fleet & Facility Manager(PDF, 154KB)
Fleet Attendant(PDF, 91KB)
Fleet Control Specialist(PDF, 146KB)
Fleet Maintenance Mechanic III(PDF, 118KB)
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor(PDF, 97KB)
GIS Analyst(PDF, 89KB)
Heavy Equipment Operator I(PDF, 93KB)
Heavy Equipment Operator II(PDF, 98KB)
Heavy Equipment Operator III(PDF, 148KB)
Human Resources Analyst - Benefits(PDF, 101KB)
Human Resources Analyst - Recruitment(PDF, 96KB)
Human Resources Director(PDF, 149KB)
Information Technology Analyst(PDF, 93KB)
Inspection & Compliance Division Manager - Building Official(PDF, 96KB)
Instrumentation Control Technician(PDF, 134KB)
IT NetOps Supervisor(PDF, 101KB)
IT Technician(PDF, 92KB)
Lead Water Utility Operator(PDF, 161KB)
Legal Secretary(PDF, 144KB)
Legal Services Director(PDF, 148KB)
Lifeguard(PDF, 37KB)
Lifeguard Supervisor(PDF, 37KB)
Magistrate Judge(PDF, 91KB)
Management Analyst(PDF, 94KB)
Marketing & Communications Specialist(PDF, 146KB)
Meter Operations Supervisor(PDF, 38KB)
Network Administrator(PDF, 96KB)
Office Assistant(PDF, 37KB)
Office Specialist(PDF, 91KB)
Paralegal I(PDF, 91KB)
Park Monitor(PDF, 142KB)
Parks & Recreation Deputy Director(PDF, 147KB)
Parks & Recreation Director(PDF, 148KB)
Parks Maintenance Superintendent(PDF, 195KB)
Parks Maintenance Supervisor(PDF, 151KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker I(PDF, 88KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker II(PDF, 148KB)
Parks Maintenance Worker III(PDF, 152KB)
Permitting Division Manager(PDF, 297KB)
Planner(PDF, 145KB)
Planning Division Manager(PDF, 153KB)
Plans Examiner I(PDF, 147KB)
Plans Examiner II(PDF, 147KB)
Police Administrative Services Manager(PDF, 145KB)
Police Chief(PDF, 146KB)
Police Commander(PDF, 145KB)
Police Communications Manager(PDF, 145KB)
Police Crime Scene Technician(PDF, 91KB)
Police Detective(PDF, 146KB)
Police Lieutenant(PDF, 147KB)
Police Officer - Entry Level(PDF, 121KB)
Police Officer - Lateral(PDF, 146KB)
Police Records Specialist(PDF, 38KB)
Police Records Supervisor(PDF, 38KB)
Police Sergeant(PDF, 144KB)
Police Workforce Specialist(PDF, 91KB)
Principal Planner(PDF, 95KB)
Public Information Officer(PDF, 93KB)
Public Safety Telecommunications Supervisor(PDF, 89KB)
Public Safety Telecommunicator(PDF, 38KB)
Recreation Aide(PDF, 37KB)
Recreation and Cultural Services Manager(PDF, 146KB)
Recreation Facility Manager(PDF, 154KB)
Recreation Leader(PDF, 147KB)
Recreation Supervisor(PDF, 90KB)
Senior Accountant(PDF, 93KB)
Senior Budget Analyst(PDF, 99KB)
Senior Civil Engineer(PDF, 148KB)
Senior Civil Engineering Technician(PDF, 91KB)
Senior Court Clerk(PDF, 143KB)
Senior Engineering Associate(PDF, 147KB)
Senior GIS Administrator(PDF, 95KB)
Senior Office Assistant(PDF, 89KB)
Senior Office Specialist(PDF, 147KB)
Senior Paralegal(PDF, 144KB)
Senior Planner(PDF, 144KB)
Senior Planning Technician(PDF, 146KB)
Senior Stormwater Engineer(PDF, 94KB)
Senior Traffic Technician(PDF, 146KB)
Senior Transit Crew Leader(PDF, 150KB)
Stormwater Project Manager(PDF, 146KB)
Stormwater Utility Analyst(PDF, 146KB)
Stormwater Utility Division Manager(PDF, 149KB)
Stormwater Utility Inspector/Designer(PDF, 151KB)
Strategic Initiatives Manager(PDF, 91KB)
Streets & Drainage Crew Leader(PDF, 152KB)
Streets & Drainage Operations Superintendent(PDF, 149KB)
Streets & Drainage Operations Supervisor(PDF, 151KB)
Systems Analyst(PDF, 94KB)
Town Clerk(PDF, 151KB)
Traffic Signs & Markings Crew Leader(PDF, 144KB)
Traffic Signs & Markings Worker(PDF, 37KB)
Traffic Technician(PDF, 145KB)
Transit Crew Leader(PDF, 149KB)
Transit Dispatcher(PDF, 144KB)
Transit Driver(PDF, 142KB)
Transit Specialist(PDF, 90KB)
Water Conservation Specialist(PDF, 147KB)
Water Control Systems Supervisor(PDF, 150KB)
Water Distribution Superintendent(PDF, 151KB)
Water Operations Manager(PDF, 354KB)
Water Production & Meter Operations Superintendent(PDF, 153KB)
Water Utility Administrator(PDF, 148KB)
Water Utility Analyst(PDF, 283KB)
Water Utility Director(PDF, 148KB)
Water Utility Engineering Division Manager(PDF, 39KB)
Water Utility Operator I(PDF, 94KB)
Water Utility Operator II(PDF, 144KB)
Water Utility Operator III(PDF, 156KB)
Zoning Inspection Technician(PDF, 149KB)

The Town of Oro Valley is committed to offering competitive benefit programs to its employees.

Please read the current TOWN OF ORO VALLEY BENEFITS GUIDE  (Ebook) for a comprehensive overview.

Who is eligible for benefits?

Regular full-time employees, and part-time employees who are scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.

When do benefits become effective?

Benefits become effective on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.

Other Benefits Include:

  • OV Employee Health Clinic: This benefit is available to employees and dependents enrolled on one of the Town's medical insurance plans. This convenient on-site health clinic is provided through Healthcare Solutions (HCS) with a dedicated team of Family Nurse Practitioners committed to providing personalized patient care. 
  • Health and Wellness: The Town of Oro Valley is dedicated to providing employees with the tools needed to develop and maintain healthy living strategies. This award winning program offers employee wellness initiatives focusing on all aspects of well-being, including physical, emotional, and financial wellness. Opportunities include health related challenges, workshops, free health coaching, free access to the Aquatic Center and Community Center, and many other programs and incentives.
  • Retirement: The Town of Oro Valley participates in state sponsored pension programs through Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS). Participation in one of the two programs is based on job classification and statutory eligibility requirements. Additional information is available on the ASRS and PSPRS plan websites.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Employees are encouraged to further their careers through ongoing educational opportunities. Regular full-time employees who have been employed by the Town for a minimum of six months may apply for up to $3,000 in tuition reimbursement per fiscal year. Certain restrictions apply, please contact Human Resources for additional information.

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