Week of the Young Child 2023

Published on April 04, 2023

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WHEREAS, the first years of a child’s life are the period of the most rapid brain development and lay the foundation for all future learning; and

WHEREAS, high-quality early childhood education depends on high-quality early childhood educators who ensure that children, supported by families, have the early experiences they need for a strong foundation; and

WHEREAS, young children need skilled, educated, competent, consistent, and compensated early childhood educators. Early childhood educators need the ability to earn a family-sustaining wage that is commensurate with the required education and skills they bring to the complex and valuable work they do; and

WHEREAS, working families need robust subsidies, scholarships, and tax credits for families at all income levels that support the true cost of quality early childhood education; and

WHEREAS, First Things First, Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children, Southern Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children, and other community organizations, in conjunction with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), are celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the Week of the Young Child.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Joseph C. Winfield, Mayor of the Town of Oro Valley, do hereby proclaim the week April 1st – 7th, 2023 as the


in the Town of Oro Valley and urge all members of our community to support efforts that increase children and families’ access to high-quality early childhood education.

Dated this 3rd day of April, 2023

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