The Legal Services Department is comprised of the Civil Division and the Prosecution Division.  Both divisions are managed by the Legal Services Director.  A contract attorney is hired by the Mayor and Council to act as their chief legal advisor. The Legal Services Department is committed to providing the highest quality representation possible to meet the present and future needs of the Town in an efficient and effective manner.



The Legal Services Director, Chief Civil Deputy Attorney and Paralegal make up the Civil Division.

The Civil Division provides legal advice to Town officials and Town departments. This advice includes compliance with the Arizona open meeting laws, public records laws, and various state laws.

The Civil Division handles preparing opinions, ordinances, resolutions and reviewing contracts. This division also defends the Town and pursues legal claims on its behalf.


 The Prosecution Division prosecutes misdemeanor crimes within the Oro Valley town limits.

This division works with the Police Department to investigate criminal cases.

It is the goal of this division to ensure a safer environment for Town residents.




Civil Division

I would like to request a public record. What can I do?

You may submit your request online.

 Submit a Public Records Request

A written request for public records should be mailed to:

Town of Oro Valley
Attention: Town Clerk
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
(520) 229-4700
Town Clerk - Public Records

Where do I submit a Notice of Claim?

All Notice of Claims should be mailed within applicable statutes of limitations to:

Town of Oro Valley
Attention: Town Clerk
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
(520) 229-4700
Insurance Claim Form(PDF, 130KB)

Prosecution Division

Where can I obtain a police and/or accident report?

If you are the defendant and you have hired an attorney, then your attorney is provided a copy of the police report from our office.  Please contact your attorney should you wish to review your report.   

If you would like to purchase a copy of your police or accident report, you may contact the Oro Valley Police Department Records Division and arrange to pick up a police or accident report from them.  For more information please see the Oro Valley Police Records Unit.

Town Attorney

Can a citizen receive legal advice from the Town Attorney's Office?

No. Attorneys in the Legal Department serve the Town government and Town officials. Individuals must retain their own attorneys for legal advice and representation.