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Records Unit

The Records Unit maintains public law enforcement records originated by the officers of the Oro Valley Police Department.  The Records Unit is responsible for processing, distributing and retrieving this information.  Information and copies of reports are provided to citizens, attorneys and insurance companies during business hours.

Accident Reports Available Online
Motor vehicle accident reports are available for purchase online.  Some accident reports that might not be available online include the following:

  • An officer did not respond to the scene of the accident
  • The accident occurred on private property
  • The accident involved serious injury and/or a fatality as a result of the accident
  • An arrest was made

Driver's license numbers, social security numbers, and dates of birth will be redacted from each accident report for privacy and security reasons.

Reports are typically available two to five days from the date of the accident.  If your report is not available after five days, please contact the Records Section at (520) 229-4937.

Request an accident report online: OVPD Online Accident Reports

Requesting Police Reports
You may also request a report in person or by mail. Reports are considered public records and are available through a public records request. Depending on the status of an investigation, the report may not be available immediately or certain information may be redacted. To request a copy of a report, you must be able to identify the report by indicating the date and location of the incident or by the case number.

For your convenience, you may fill out the Public Records Request form online. Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you with the status of your request. Please be sure to include your contact information.

The cost of a police report is $5.00. Reports over 15 pages are an additional $.25 per page. Cash and credit cards are accepted, personal checks are not.

Name searches on private individuals are not conducted for citizens.

Letters documenting an individual’s arrest history with the Oro Valley Police Department are available to that person. Requests must be made in person with a picture ID or by mail with the requestor’s signature notarized. Please use the following link to fill out the Public Records Request form to bring in person.

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Phone Numbers: (520) 229-4937   (520) 797-2616 Fax

Address:  Oro Valley Police Department Records Unit
11000 N. La Cañada Dr. Oro Valley, AZ 85737