Property and Identification Unit


The Property and Identification Unit is responsible for the handling, processing, and documentation of all police-related property and evidence.  This includes property impounded as evidence, found property, property to be destroyed, and the property being held as safekeeping.

Release of property to the owner of record is by appointment only during regular business hours.  To schedule an appointment to pick up property, or to see if the property that is impounded or is being held can now be released at the completion of the case per the trial court, contact the Property and Identification Unit by telephone at 520-229-2930.


Pursuant to ARS 12-941 through 12-945, notice is hereby given to claim the property within 30 days of the posted notice. Failure to make a claim within 30 days of the posted notice shall be deemed abandonment and said property may be sold, donated, or used by the Town of Oro Valley. Suitable proof of ownership and photo ID is required to pick up property. To claim a firearm, a background check will be conducted to verify prohibited possessor status as required by Arizona Revised Statutes. Please call 520-229-2930 to make an appointment to claim the property.

WALK-INS NOT ACCEPTED - All property releases are done by appointment only.





What is safekeeping property?

Safekeeping property is any article of value left behind by the owner at the scene of an incident involving the police, such as, firearm confiscation due to a court order, a vehicle collision, or a booking arrest. The Property and Identification Unit may dispose of this property if unclaimed after 30 days.

How do I get my firearm(s) back?

To claim a firearm, you must contact Property and Identification Unit staff at 520-229-2930. You must provide your name, date of birth, social security number, current address and telephone number, and case number so that a background and ATF check can be completed. The background check includes a review by a detective and the Town Legal Department. An appointment to pick up the firearm(s) will be set once these requirements have been completed.

How long do you hold a found item?

Found items are held for 30 days.  If no owner is identified, the item is then eligible to be auctioned, utilized for police department use, or destroyed in accordance with the law. 

Unclaimed safekeeping items will be held for 30 days after notification is made to the listed owner via certified letter mailed to the owner’s last known address.


Can property being held as evidence be returned to the owner?

All property being held as evidence must be approved for release by the detective or officer assigned to the case, or by court order.  All evidence is stored in a secure location of the Property and Identification Unit until no longer required.

If you have questions regarding the retention of your property, contact the detective or officer assigned to your case at 520-229-4900.

Can I have someone else pick up my property?

If you are unable to pick up your property, you may ask someone to pick it up on your behalf. Your designee must have a legal notarized statement from you authorizing him/her to pick up your items. A member of the Property and Identification Unit must be notified in advance that someone else will be picking up your property. Your designee must present his/her valid, government-issued photo identification, along with the notarized statement, at the time of retrieval.