United States Army's 245th Birthday

Published on June 03, 2020

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WHEREAS,  on June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress, representing the citizens of 13 American colonies, authorized the establishment of the Continental Army; and

WHEREAS, the collective expression of the pursuit of personal freedom that caused the authorization and organization of the United States Army led to the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the codification of the new nation's basic principles and values in the Constitution; and

WHEREAS,  for the past 245 years, the U.S. Army's central mission has been to fight and win the nation's wars; and

WHEREAS, the motto of "Duty, Honor, Country'' is the creed by which the American soldier lives and serves; and

 WHEREAS, no matter what the cause, location, or magnitude of future conflicts, the nation can rely on the U.S. Army to produce well-trained, well-led, and highly motivated soldiers to carry out the missions entrusted to them; and

WHEREAS,  the components of the U.S. Army to include the Arizona Army National Guard, the U.S. Army Reserves and the Regular Army have contributed immensely to COVID-19 response; and

WHEREAS, members of the Town of Oro Valley have proudly served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation's freedom while serving in the United States Army and other branches of our nation's military.

NOW,  THEREFORE,  I, Joseph C. Winfield, Mayor of the Town of Oro Valley, Arizona, do hereby proclaim June 14, 2020 to be the




and express appreciation on behalf of the people of the Town of Oro Valley, to the United States Army and to the dedicated soldiers who have served in it over the 245 years it has been in existence.

 Dated this 3rd day of June, 2020

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