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Due to COVID-19 and existing state Executive Orders, the Town is not accepting Major Special Event Applications on public or private property. A Major Event is a special event that requires extra-duty law enforcement officers or other security services; and temporary traffic control. Major event is defined in Oro Valley Town Code Section 8-3-1, and typically involves the attraction of hundreds or even thousands of participants. The Town will reevaluate the acceptance of Major Special Event Applications in January 2021 and/or when state Executive Orders are modified or lifted for large gatherings.  

The Town will consider accepting Minor Special Event Applications on public or private property. The application needs to describe what Social Distancing precautions are being taken to protect event participants and staff from contracting COVID-19, and where the number of attendees in proximity to one another without barriers are not substantially greater than those allowed under current state Executive Orders. Additionally the event organizer/ applicant will be required to enter into an indemnity agreement with the Town, which will be provided if the application and social distancing precautions are met. Some potentially acceptable Social Distancing precautions may include drive in, drive by, or drive thru concepts. A non-drive thru concept would be an art fair.  

Whether you’re into live music, car shows, botanical gardens, sporting events, melodrama theatre or places of historical significance, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Oro Valley!

For a list of all Town events, view the main Oro Valley events calendar.

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Do you have questions about a special event or would you like to hold a special event in Oro Valley?  Please call or email the strategic initiatives manager, Amanda Jacobs at 520-229-4735 or click on the following link for more information:

Special Event Application

See the tabs below for a list of art and entertainment opportunities in Oro Valley:

Arts and Culture

Arts & Culture

·         Featured Youth Art - Rotating art gallery hosted in Council Chambers at Oro Valley Town Hall. 

·         Public Art - Public art is a required element for all new non-residential and public development projects in Oro Valley. 

·         Farmer’s Market - Every Saturday morning at Steam Pump Ranch

·         SAAG Exhibit - Rotating art exhibits at the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center and Overlook Restaurant

·         Steam Pump Ranch - Host to art and culture festivals throughout the year, including Second Saturdays and Celebrate Oro Valley

·         Children’s Museum OV

·         The Ventana Gallery at Roche Tissue Diagnostics - A community Gallery Housed at the Oro Valley Campus

·         Toscana Studio -  Showcasing professional art from dedicated arts as well as hosting classes for arts of all ages and skill.

·         Western National Parks - Nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service, supporting more than 70 parks across the West, developing products, services, and programs that enrich the visitor experience.

·         Tohono Chul - Botanical garden, nature preserve and cultural museum 




·         Gaslight Music Hall - Musical Melodrama theater located in Oro valley

·         Mystic Rhythms Ballroom - Professional ballroom dancing training for all ages and skill level

·         Steam Pump Ranch - Hosting monthly Second Saturday events with live music as well as a nighttime First Friday concert series during cooler months