Public Art in Oro Valley

Morning Paper bronze sculpture of man on bench


 Oro Valley is proud of the public art that adorns entryways, trails and buildings in our community.

 The purpose of the Town’s public art requirement is to enhance our community’s beauty and enrich the cultural and educational experiences of citizens and visitors in Oro Valley. 

Public art is a required element for all new non-residential and public development projects in Oro Valley. 

Virtual Tour of Public Art 

A virtual tour of the public art is available on an interactive map which allows you to see each piece of artwork, its location and information about the artist and the medium used.

1% Public Art Program

In 1997, the town established a 1% Public Art Program, which requires that commercial developers set aside one percent of a projects total budget for the creation of public art. By passing the public art mandate, Oro Valley signaled an ongoing commitment to create beautiful surroundings that enhance the quality of life for all who live, work and play in the town. Developers and businesses are key to the 1% Public Art program. Check back often as our collection is cataloged and new projects are added.

Public Art Review and Approval Process

There are three stages of review for Public Art projects in Oro Valley.  Prior to initiating the first stage, the public art budget must be approved by the Town and the artist selection must be completed.   The Town’s building official reviews and approves all preliminary estimates for building permit valuations used as the basis for determining the public art calculation for the project.

Outside assistance with artist selection is available from the following agencies: