Town of Oro Valley launches new Adopt-A-Road/Trail website

Published on November 03, 2021

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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (Nov. 3, 2021) – The Town of Oro Valley has launched a new website for the Town’s Adopt-A-Road/Trail programs, designed to save volunteers time and alleviate wait times with several new improvements.

The Adopt-A-Road/Trail website is now a one-stop shop for volunteers to fill out forms and watch training information. In fact, volunteers no longer need to travel to Town buildings to watch a safety video or fill out paperwork. The process is 100% paperless, and the training video is available on the website.

Previously, volunteers were on a waiting list for at least six months to a year, sometimes longer depending on road or trail availability. With the new website, there is no longer a waiting list, and volunteers can check the availability of roads and trails online.

Town of Oro Valley staff has been working to improve the Adopt-A-Road/Trail programs for over a year.

This major renovation of the Adopt-A-Road/Trail programs represent the very best of Town-wide collaboration, making it much easier for the public to participate as well as utilizing technology to streamline the process, thus reducing staff time and ultimately saving taxpayer dollars,” said Public Works Director Paul Keesler. “By implementing the Lean Process Improvement management tools, the Town is able to revitalize and improve many aspects of the services we provide to the public. I am very proud of the work this team was able to accomplish and thankful for the results.”

For more information about the project and to visit the new website, please click here.

Adopt-A-Road/Trail is a beautification program that is part of Keep OV Beautiful, a volunteer-driven program designed to maintain litter and roadside debris in Oro Valley. Adopt-A-Road/Trail is best suited for individuals, families or groups that want a long-term commitment (two years) to a specific stretch of road or trail. The Keep OV Beautiful program is designed to accommodate large or small groups that want to participate in single-day litter collection events within the community. To register for Keep OV Beautiful volunteer opportunities, please click here or visit and type KEEP OV BEAUTIFUL in the search bar.