Keep OV Beautiful


Keep OV Beautiful is a volunteer-driven program in which community members work together to pick up litter and roadside debris. In addition to being unsightly, litter and roadside debris can be a safety hazard for motorists and is harmful to wildlife. Help keep our Oro Valley views immaculate by participating in the Keep OV Beautiful program.  

Keep OV Beautiful is a great way for your group or organization to give back to the community we love. Picking up litter is a simple act of service with a tremendous impact, and with this program, it’s now easier than ever. To see the program in action, or to find out how your organization can participate in the Keep OV Beautiful program, check out the links below. 

Keep OV Beautiful Single-Day Event

Keep OV Beautiful is designed so that large groups can participate on a day that’s convenient for them. All you need to do is select your volunteer coordinator and have him/her start the registration process. Town staff will work with the coordinator to identify a date and location for the litter pick-up. The Town will provide safety vests, pick-up tools and trash bags. Once your pick-up day is complete, the Town will then collect and dispose of all the gathered trash the next business day.

A special note during this COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of Town residents and volunteers is our first priority. As such, participants will be asked to please observe to the appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions as recommended by the Pima County Health Department.

Register to Keep OV Beautiful 


The Town of Oro Valley’s Adopt-A-Road is designed to help beautify our roadways.  By adopting a roadway, civic and other non-profit organizations help generate civic pride in their community, creating economic benefits to citizens of the Town. This program is a two year commitment to a specific stretch of road.

The Town of Oro Valley Adopt-A-Road was established in January 2000, and is modeled after the successful Adopt-A-Roadway/Highway programs by the State of Arizona and Pima County Department of Transportation. 




Adopt-A-Trail is designed to help maintain and improve trails in the Town of Oro Valley, by providing an outlet for community and interest groups to assist in trail maintenance. The Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department’s Adopt-A-Trail  (AAT) was established in January 2004. It was modeled after the Town’s Adopt-A-Roadway program as well as successful Adopt-A-Trail programs throughout the United States. The program provides land stewardship, physical fitness, and instills a sense of pride and ownership for volunteers, fostering a closer connection to the community and to the environment. This program is a two year commitment to a specific stretch of trail.