Fall Pavement Preservation Schedule

Published on September 22, 2021

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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (Sept. 22, 2021) – The Town of Oro Valley Public Works Department has scheduled pavement preservation work on various sections within town limits beginning Oct. 4 through Nov. 5, 2021, weather permitting.

Pavement preservation continues to be a Council funding priority; as such, each year, the town invests in pavement management that results in an Overall Condition Index (OCI) rating of 76 or better for all paved streets. The Town’s pavement management program is data driven and prioritizes which roads receive treatment based on when they were treated or constructed last. Pavement preservation extends the pavement life and is far less expensive than replacing the asphalt.

It is important to note that the treated road cannot be driven on for 24 hours after it’s finished. If a resident’s trash collection is scheduled for pickup during the project, an area just outside of the treatment zone will be provided to place trash receptacles for collection. The town asks that residents plan ahead, observe posted traffic signs and yield to construction workers in these areas.

For more information or questions about the project, please call Civil Engineering Technician Walter Jackson at 520-940-1879.

The following areas are scheduled to be treated:

Vistoso Highlands Subdivision

  • Oct. 25 – North White Diamond Place (including North Red Eagle Drive cul-de-sac)
  • Oct. 27 – North Red Eagle Drive, West Purple Leaf Court cul-de-sac and West Green Pebble Drive
  • Oct. 28 – North Yellowbird Road

Somerset Canyon

  • Oct. 25
    • West Moodie Drive
    • North Woosnam Way from West Lyle Lane to cul-de-sac
    • West Rodriguez Road
  • Oct. 26
    • West Lyle Lane
    • North Woosnam Way from West Lyle Lane to West Faldo Drive
    • West Keuhne Court
    • North Singh Drive
    • West Doolan Drive
  • Oct. 27
    • West Faldo Drive
    • North Player Place
    • North Woosnam Way from West Faldo Drive to cul-de-sac

Riverfront Park Multi-Use Path

The multi-use path will be treated on Oct. 26

Oro Valley Town Hall Phase 3

The parking lot pavement at Oro Valley’s Town Hall complex, including Oro Valley Police Department and Administration, is scheduled to be treated on Oct. 25. The main entrance along La Cañada Drive will be closed. Visitors will need to enter from the library entrance on Naranja Drive.

Sun City Vistoso

  • Units 3, 3A, 5, 6 and 7 (see attached map A)
  • Unit 12 (see attached map B)

Map A: Sun City Vistoso Units 3, 3A, 5, 6 and 7 (below)



Map B: Sun City Vistoso Unit 12 (below)

pavement 2.png