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Oro Valley Parks and Recreation is committed to a quality parks and recreation system that delivers high-quality parks, trails and recreation programs, facilities, and events for all residents, while contributing to the quality of life of the Town of Oro Valley.

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The purpose of Oro Valley's Historic Preservation Program is to facilitate public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Town’s historic past, promote better awareness of its architectural and cultural history, and foster civic and neighborhood pride so that future generations will have the opportunity to appreciate and understand Oro Valley's unique cultural heritage.

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Oro Valley is a mecca for golf and tennis. The Town of Oro Valley's Parks and Recreation Department is home to two magnificent golf courses, the El Conquistador Golf and El Conquistador Tennis run our respective golf and tennis programs.

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File Additional Notes
Oro Valley bike map 2017(PDF, 403KB) August 2017
Oro Valley Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan(PDF, 13MB) 1999

CDO Riverfront Park

File Additional Notes
CDO Riverfront Park Map(PDF, 363KB)


File Additional Notes
Adopt A Trail Brochure(PDF, 790KB)
Oro Valley trails map 2016(PDF, 408KB) February 2016
Oro Valley Trails Task Force Report(PDF, 300KB) 2002

Historic Preservation

File Additional Notes
Environmentally Sensitive Lands(PDF, 158KB) Final draft January 2011
Oro Valley Historic Preservation Brochure(PDF, 3MB) Created 2014
Oro Valley Preservation Plan Final 2015(PDF, 515KB)
Rock Art, Ranch, and Residence: Cultural Resources in Oro Valley(PDF, 12MB) Cultural resources survey-2010
Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan update(PDF, 687KB) April 2015

Honey Bee Canyon Park

File Additional Notes
Honey Bee Canyon Park Map(PDF, 452KB) Includes view of ramadas
Honey Bee Canyon Park trails(PDF, 2MB) May 2015

Honey Bee Village

File Additional Notes
Honey Bee Village Historic Preservation Plan(PDF, 2MB) 2007
Honey Bee Village Schematic Plan Map(PDF, 2MB) 2007

James D. Kriegh Park

File Additional Notes
James D. Kriegh Park Conceptual Design(PDF, 2MB) August 2015
James D. Kriegh Map(PDF, 468KB)

Master Plan and Needs Assessment Documents

File Additional Notes
Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Community Interest and Opinion Survey - May 2020(PDF,9MB)
Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Phase One - Needs Assessment

Naranja Park

File Additional Notes
Naranja Park Archery courses map (all 3 courses)(PDF,2MB)
Naranja Park Archery - East Walking Course and Distances Map(PDF, 2MB) April 2013
Naranja Park Archery Range Fixed Range Distances(PDF,17KB)
Naranja Park Archery - West Walking Course map(PDF, 396KB)
Naranja Park Map(PDF, 599KB) January 2020
Naranja Park Trails Map 2016(PDF, 1MB) April 2016

Oro Valley & Recreation Community Center

File Additional Notes
Community Center Map(PDF, 547KB)

Oro Valley Aquatic Center

File Additional Notes
Parking Map

Steam Pump Ranch

File Additional Notes
Steam Pump Ranch Application/Rules and Regulations
Steam Pump Ranch Conditional Building Assessment Report(PDF, 12MB)
Steam Pump Ranch Map(PDF, 599KB)
Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan Final Draft(PDF, 24MB)
Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan update(PDF, 687KB) April 2015
Steam Pump Ranch Task Force Recommendations(PDF, 73KB) 2008

West Lambert Lane Park

File Additional Notes
West Lambert Lane Park Trail Map(PDF, 1MB)

Administration/Other Info

File Additional Notes
Drone Safety and Info(PDF, 42KB) May 2017
Oro Valley/Marana Outdoor Recreation Brochure & Map(PDF, 2MB) Print Version
Oro Valley Park Rules(PDF, 35KB) Revised June 2016
Parks and Recreation Program Guide Spring 2020(PDF, 7MB) Print Version
Pusch Ridge Map(PDF, 598KB)
January 2020
Round-Up for Youth Recreation Scholarship Information Card(PDF, 2MB) December 2014
Round-Up for Youth Recreation Scholarship Pledge Cancellation Card(PDF, 1MB) April 2015
Round-Up for Youth Recreation Scholarship Pledge Card(PDF, 1MB) April 2015