Reserve Steam Pump Ranch

Park | Facility Hours: Open for reservations or special events only
Park Acreage: 15.18 Acres

 Reservation Information:



Steam Pump Ranch is subject to the following rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in additional fees and/or suspension of reservation privileges. 


  1. 1. Facility Use Procedure

    • Applicant will fill out a SPR facility use reservation application and submit it to the Recreation/Cultural Services manager for review.
    • Recreation/Cultural Services Manager will confirm availability and inform the applicant if additional permits are required. 
    • 50% of facility rental fees must be paid in full once availability is confirmed. Remainder is due 2 weeks prior to event date. 
    • A refundable damage deposit will be assessed for all events.  Deposits will range from $250 up to $5,000, depending on the size and scope of the event.  The actual deposit amount will be based on and determined by the Parks & Recreation Director.  Damage deposit fees are due 24-hrs prior to the event.



    2. Fees and Procedures

    •  Park Use Fee: A park use fee for SPR will be assessed for all events based on the approved fee schedule.
    •  Discounts:
      • Multi-Day Discounts on fees may be available (e.g. 2-3 day = 10%; 4-9 days = 15%; 10 or more days = 25%)
      • Multi-use area discounts may be negotiated with the Parks & Recreation Director
    •  Reoccurring Events: Reoccurring events that have used the park more than three years in a row may have preferential privilege in using the park for future reservations.
    •  Commercial Photo: All professional photo or promotional shoots will be charged the normal event rate based on space needs.
    •  Additional Event Fees: Additional fees and costs could be incurred as follows:
      •  Rental of equipment: Tents, tables, flagging, portable restrooms, garbage cans, etc. is not included in the Park Use fees. 
      •  Permitting Fees may be charged on an as-needed basis. These fees may include environmental health permit, fire inspections, solid waste services, Chief’s overtime, etc.
      •  Event applicant is responsible for all charges and items not covered by this fee schedule and may be charged for any items that can incur charges to the Town (for example, trash removal, site clean-up, irrigation damage, etc.).
      •  Staff Fees: There may be an additional staff fee of $20/hr non-commercial and $25/hr commercial rate.  Example of fees may include assistance with event set-up/break-down, excessive event set-up requirements, event assistance, facility tours, etc. 
      •  Set-up and Take-Down: If no other events/activities can occur during set-up and/or take-down, the full day usage fee is charged.  If other activities occur during the set-up and/or takedown period, the fee may be negotiated or waived.
    •  Damage to the park, performance, and trash pickup: The event applicant is financially responsible for all expense due to:
      •  Damage that occurs at the park during the event.
      •  Clean-up of the park due to the event.
      •  Non-performance of the Town’s requirements (e.g. adequate signage for events, traffic control, parking, etc.).
      •   Parking Lot Usage: If adjacent contiguous parking lot is legally used in association with an event, there is no additional charge.  If the event or reservation is only using the parking lot area, the parking lot usage fee will be charged. 


  1. 3. Park Rules

    •  No glass containers (unless prior authorization has been granted).
    •  Motorized vehicles shall only be used in designated areas.
    •  No hunting (air rifles, spring guns, bows and arrows, slings, trapping, guns, etc.).
    •  Original site structures are not to be used for events.  
    •  Vending and peddling only as part of event; and vendors must be licensed in the Town of Oro Valley to conduct business.
    •  Advertising must follow Town of Oro Valley ordinances and any signage proposed to fall within the Oracle Road right-of-way requires approval from the Arizona Department of Transportation.
    •  Tent and/or canopy staking strictly monitored – must receive approval from Park Manager prior to any staking on the property.
    •  Camping not allowed unless approved by the Parks & Recreation Director.
    •  Access to the park is off Oracle Road and from behind Steam Pump Village Shopping Center. Vehicles shall not exit the park using the Oracle Rd entrance; users shall only use the Steam Pump Village to exit
    •  Food – environmental health permits will be required for all cooking facilities for events where food will be sold by vendors or sponsors of the event. Fire inspections, tent and zoning permits may be required.  No environmental health permit is required for private parties, picnics, bake sales, etc.
    •  Alcohol Department of Liquor Licenses & Control permit is required 72-hrs prior to event. 


Zone Map

SPR Zone Map.jpg

 Map Key  



Facility Fees

Fees are per event day/per zone

Description # Participants Commercial Rate* Non-Commercial Rate
Outdoor Area (Zones 1-5) 1 – 50 $225 $175
51-100 $375 $200
  101-150 $550 $400
151-200 $750


  201-300 $900 $800 
  301-500 $1050 $900
  501-1000 $1400  $1200 
  1001 + $2200  $1500
Parking Lot Only
  $750 $600
Staffing costs   $25 per hour / per employee $20 per hour / per employee

*Commercial is defined as relating in commerce; engaged in commerce; having profit as chief aim.

Please make checks payable to:  Town of Oro Valley


Refund Policy

Please call 229-5050 to cancel or reschedule. Full refunds will be given for cancellations made at least 30 days in advance minus a $7 processing fee. Cancellation request received 29 days or less prior to the event will be refunded at 50%. 


Step 1.Submit  Facility Reservation Application

Steam Pump Ranch
Facility Reservation Application

Step 2.Request authorization of site plan

Step 3.Will alcohol be available at this event?

Alcohol requires:


Step 4.Parks and Recreation staff will contact you regarding application

Please allow for 5 business days to process application.

Step 5.Pay for reservation

Please make checks payable to: Town of Oro Valley 

Step 6.Have fun at your event