Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2021

Published on October 20, 2021

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 WHEREAS, approximately one in every 700 children are born with Down syndrome, representing an estimated 6,000 births per year in the United States; and

WHEREAS, there are over 400,000 individuals living with Down syndrome in the United States; and

WHEREAS, possessing a wide range of abilities, people with Down syndrome are active participants in educational, occupational, social, and recreational circles of our communities; and

WHEREAS, “I Can Too!” was established by the Oro Valley Parks & Recreation Department in 2016 so that youth with special needs, to include Down syndrome, have the opportunity to participate in Parks & Recreation programs alongside their non-disabled peers; and

WHEREAS, individuals with Down syndrome should have equal opportunity to achieve the universally desired goals of self-fulfillment, pride in their achievements, inclusion in their community and reaching their fullest potential.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Joseph C. Winfield, Mayor of Oro Valley, do hereby proclaim October, 2021 as


in the Town of Oro Valley and encourage our citizens to work together to promote respect and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome and to celebrate their accomplishments, talents and contributions.

Dated this 20th day of October, 2021   

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