Community and Economic Development

Oro Valley developers, contractors, business owners and residents can now use the customer portal to track development projects and apply for building permits and business licenses.

A demonstration of the Customer Portal service can be found here:  SmartGov demonstration video


How to get started with our new online Customer Portal permit, project and license management system.

Your organization will be required to create an online portal account prior to submitting new applications, making payments, scheduling inspections, etc.

New customers, without existing permits or applications, may proceed to the customer portal and create your new account and submit your project.

For customers with existing accounts (prior to June 21, 2022), it is highly recommended that you obtain the ACCESS CODE associated with those accounts. Please call the Town at 520-229-4800 and ask us to locate your ACCESS CODE. The access code will link your account to your existing application(s) and active permit(s). It is recommended that your organization have one shared access code so that all your active applications/permits are linked together and readily accessible under one account.

The customer portal can be found here:  Customer Portal

The department provides excellent customer service in coordinating all facets of economic development, planning, permitting, inspection and compliance of both horizontal and vertical construction within the community we serve.

The department encourages the use of best practices in both community and economic development including innovative design that supports a sustainable economy, diverse employment opportunities, expanded education and cultural experiences for local residents.

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Four divisions support the business and residential development process: 

Economic Development 

The Economic Development Department works to retain and expand existing businesses by providing free advertising through the Business Navigator; serves as a point of contact between local owners/managers and the Town; and prepares reports about the economy for the community. This department also searches for new businesses to bring to Oro Valley, works with site selectors on new opportunities and maintains information on the sites and buildings that are available in the town.

All of this AND MORE is available on the new website!

Ready to start a business in Oro Valley? Click for Steps to Open a Business or contact Economic Development:




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Inspections are performed by the department's staff of nationally certified inspectors. This team is responsible for inspection of all commercial and residential construction, which is inclusive of all elements of construction, from foundations and underground, to final approvals. Inspection disciplines include civil, architectural, structural, fire and life/safety, mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems, and energy conservation, as well as zoning and architectural. In addition, this team is responsible to ensure implementation of the final development and design approval decisions of the Town Council.

Permit inspections are requested and tracked online through the Town’s permit, project, and licensing management system. Please visit the Schedule Inspections page for links to online scheduling, inspection hours and other important information.

Code Compliance

This program is responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of the Zoning, Building and Town codes and ordinances for all construction, plant salvage, landscape, signage, and development performance standards.  In addition, this program monitors and enforces the expiration process for all permits and permit applications.  This program is supported by the technical expertise of the Inspectors, Plans Examiners, and Permit Technicians.

The Permitting Division

The Permitting staff coordinates all aspects of permitting by receiving, reviewing and issuing permits for construction.  Permits often include, but are not limited to new buildings, remodels, walls, pools, spas, grading, signs, mechanical equipment and miscellaneous projects for both residential and commercial development.

Information about how to apply for a permit and which items are required to be shown on a set of plans can be found on the website.  Go to the search box at the top right corner of any screen and input a keyword about your project.  A key word to input could be “residential”, “commercial”, “wall” or “addition” and so on.  Many key words should lead you to information about your specific project.  

Select the following link for a list of items that may or may not require a building permit.

Contact Information: | 520-229-4800

The Planning division administers the General Plan and Zoning Code for the harmonious growth of the Town. The division is responsible for providing planning and zoning services to the Community, Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and project teams.

 Click here to visit the Planning Division main page to see information regarding current projects, zoning codes, and information regarding the General Plan.

Planning Division Home Page

Contact Information: | 520-229-4800