Schedule Inspections for Permits

The following information is related to scheduling and managing inspections for your approved residential and commercial construction projects. This may also include permits for signage, right of way, special events, grading and engineering.

Permit inspections are scheduled and tracked online through the: Customer Portal

Depending on the scope of your project, your permit may include Zoning, Fire, Engineering, Stormwater, and Water Utility inspections (in addition to normal building inspections). Therefore, you may work with inspectors from various departments over the course of your project. 

To help customers identify inspections that may involve other departments, those inspection types are labeled accordingly. For example, an inspector from the Planning and Zoning department would perform all inspections beginning with the word, "zoning".

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Hours of Inspection

Hours of Inspection

Building inspections are performed Monday – Friday excluding holidays. Please note, other department inspection schedules may vary.

Building Inspectors typically arrive on site by 9:00 a.m. at the earliest through 3:30 p.m. at the latest.

Next business day inspections are available to request but must be requested prior to 3:30 p.m. the business day before. If the daily limit for requests is reached prior to 3:30 p.m., the system will automatically choose the next available date.

Requests for same day or after hours inspections are reviewed by the Building Official and may or may not be approved depending on current staffing and caseloads. Contact our office at 520-229-4815 for additional information.

Inspectors Hotline* 520-229-4830

*This hotline number is applicable to Building Inspectors only, other department schedules may vary. To speak with an inspector from another department, such as Zoning or Engineering, please call our office at 520-229-4800.

Do you need an estimated time of arrival?

Call 520-229-4830 between 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. the morning of your scheduled inspection for a 2-3 hour time window. Calls received after 8:30 may not receive a time window.

Do you have a question and need to speak with your inspector?

Building Inspectors are available by phone Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. Call the hotline number listed above.

Note – the hotline number does not accept voice messages. If you need to reach a Building Inspector outside of these hours, call 520-229-4815 for assistance.


Schedule Online

Request, cancel and view inspection results online through the: Customer Portal

You will need:

  • An online portal account, or access to your organization’s account.
  • The permit/application reference number.
  • To be listed as a contact on the permit, such as the applicant, owner or contractor. If you are not listed on the permit, please contact our office for assistance. Written authorization from one of the permit's listed contacts will be required to add your account to the permit.
  • A copy of the permit and Town stamped approved plans (printed in color) on site and available for the Inspector.

Things to know:

  • If you are experiencing difficulty accessing all areas of your permit, please contact us to verify your portal account.

  • Inspection scheduling is only available for permits that meet the following conditions:
     - the permit is in “issued” status
     - the permit is not expired or on hold
     - all fees are paid in full

  • All inspections listed on your permit are required over the course of your project. Multiple inspections may be requested for the same day provided the work being inspected is complete. When your project is ready for final inspections, be sure to request all remaining open inspections.

  • To coordinate and/or verify times with your inspector, please call 520-229-4830 between 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. the morning of your inspection. See Hours of Inspection for additional information.

  • An adult must be home in order for an inspector to inspect any interior work on occupied residential properties. This includes vacant residences in which personal belongings are present.

  • Inspectors will not enter backyards with pets unattended, please have pets secured.

  • If your project requires access to roofs, attics, etc., please have a safe and appropriate height (non-telescoping) ladder set up and secure for the inspector.

  • Electricity and natural gas: 
    • When scheduling a temporary power disconnect with the utility company, make sure you have also requested the corresponding inspection from your permit.
    • If your inspection requires an immediate clearance to restore electricity or natural gas, let us know the approximate time work will be ready for inspection, and who will be the site contact. *Do this by adding a note to the Schedule Comments area of your inspection request.
    • Call the Inspectors Hotline 8:00-8:30 the morning of the inspection to confirm timing.
    • NOTE - Inspectors are unable to arrive on site before 9:00 a.m., please plan accordingly.
  • Fire related inspections (performed by Golder Ranch Fire District):

    Some permits will require inspections by Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD). Those inspections will begin with the word "fire" on your permit.

    • Step 1: Request the inspections directly with Golder Ranch by going to, then click Commercial Inspection located about halfway down the page. Complete the online request form and a fire inspector from Golder Ranch will contact you to arrange the inspections.
    • Step 2: You will receive a report from Golder Ranch after the inspections are performed. If there are no corrections and the inspections passed, login to your Oro Valley customer portal account and request the "fire" inspections listed on your permit.
    • Step 3: Email the Golder Ranch fire reports to your Oro Valley building inspector so they may clear the inspections.


Help using the portal:

Access help from the Customer Portal main page by clicking the Documents icon located at the bottom of the portal screen (no account needed).


This library of instructional documents covers a wide range of topics related to permits and inspections and is updated frequently. Our instruction guide, Inspection Requesting(PDF, 4MB) is helpful for first time users.


FAQ's and Resources

Permit Inspections FAQ's

Other Helpful Links


Business Owners:
If you are looking for information on how to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, click the Commercial Permits link above and go to Investigative Inspection Certificate of Occupancy and/or Certificate of Occupancy Inspection and Process Overview.

Additional Documents

*New Permit Inspection Descriptions / Definitions(PDF, 486KB)

Job Site Readiness(PDF, 285KB)

Building Permit Final Inspections Process(PDF, 856KB)

Request Inspections(PDF, 4MB)

Cancel Inspections(PDF, 4MB)

Permit Extension Request(PDF, 71KB)





Remote (Skype) Inspection Instructions

Overview of remote inspections
The program requires a client to use the Skype app on a 4G smart phone in order to interact with Oro Valley inspectors.  The inspection process is as follows: Clients schedule an inspection through our Citizen Self Serve website, requesting a Skype inspection; the inspector initiates a Skype call to the client; the inspector directs the client though the inspection and the inspection results are entered in our system for client to view on our web site.

Eligible Permits
Please note that due to the size and/or complexity of the project, inspections may not be able to be completed via the remote inspection process. In that case, every effort will be made to complete a field inspection on the same day that the remote inspection is scheduled. The determination of eligibility is at the discretion of the building official or their representative.

Client Responsibilities:

1. 4G wireless service

Ensure your inspection location has 4G connectivity and your smart phone or tablet has 4G connectivity.  Note that 3G connectivity may not provide the speed and clarity required to complete the inspection. If this is the case, the inspector may change the inspection request status to not-ready, partial, or failed as applicable.  See item 8 below.

2. Set up Skype

Download Skype on to your smart phone and create a Skype account.  Android      iPhone     Windows Phone

(Note:  the above links are to Skype.  "Skype for Business" is not supported at this time.)

     Hot tips that make it easier for us to connect with you:

  • Go to your profile and enter your email and Tucson and AZ for City and State
  • Android users:  go to settings and allow IM and Calls from all users

3. Prepare for the inspection

Prior to scheduling, ensure that the necessary tools based on type of inspection are readily available.  For example, carry a tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder (for close ups of ceiling), etc.

4. Schedule the inspection

  • Schedule inspections on the Customer Portal.
  • Provide a valid contact phone number and e-mail address during the online scheduling process.
  • Enter the word SKYPE into the Priority/Comment field while scheduling an inspection.
  • You will receive a contact request each time a different inspector will be doing your inspection.  Please respond to these requests prior to your scheduled inspection time.

5. Prepare to receive the Skype call

  • Make sure the smart phone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Respond to any Skype contact request received from Town of Oro Valley staff.
  • Be ready to accept video call at scheduled time.
  • Have the required tools (see item 3 above for examples).
  • Turn off phone notifications that may interrupt the Skype call.  This is an important step because notifications freeze the Skype call and cause delays to the inspection.
    • iPhone iOS 8.4  in Settings:
      • Tap on "Do Not Disturb"
      • Set the "Manual" slider button to be green
      • Scroll down to "Silence"
      • Tap next to "Always" to add a check mark
    • Android OS 5: in Settings:
      • Tap Sounds and Notifications, 
      • Under Notifications section, "Do Not Disturb, tap "Off
    • (Remember to turn back on after your inspection.)
  • Use ear buds with microphone to improve communication.
  • Make sure power tools and equipment are not running so that the call audio is clear.
  • Set your phone so that you have the small screen of what the inspector sees:
    • Tap the Skype screen to access the tool bar
    • Tap the camera icon
    • In the small view the inspector sees, tap the reverse camera icon

6. Start the inspection

  • Begin inspection at street view looking at structure.
  • The address or lot number must show in the initial view
  • Follow the directions of the inspector
  • Walk inspection in clockwise direction horizontally.
  • Walk inspection from bottom to top vertically (if multiple floors).

7. Inspection approval

The inspector will tell you if the inspection passed.  Congratulations!

8. Inspection failure

  • The inspector will update our permitting system after the Skype call is completed.  These comments will be available on our web site.
  • The inspection can then be rescheduled online after the corrections have been made.