Special Inspections

Special Inspection Program Overview

The special inspection program has been established to supplement the requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC). The program identifies specific disciplines that require special inspection and testing; determines credentials for responsible registrants for agencies that perform inspections and testing; and establishes qualifications for special inspectors and for individuals who perform testing.

Supplementary Special Inspection Forms and Checklists

Several forms and checklists have been provided to assist in standardizing requirements. All forms are provided in pdf format, and are intended to provide unity for purposes of identifying minimum criteria, but are not intended to be the sole means for design or formatting. 

Special Inspector Guidelines(PDF, 300KB)

Special Inspectors List by Company(PDF, 2MB)

Special Inspectors List by Name(PDF, 548KB)

Special Inspection Certificate 2018 Code Edition(PDF, 87KB)

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