Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve

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Background information 

In a February 17, 2022 press release, the Town of Oro Valley announced the final settlement agreement and purchase of the former Vistoso Golf Course, of which 202 acres will be preserved as natural open space for public use. The Conservation Fund will maintain ownership of the property until ownership is transferred to the Town later this year. Town staff will include funding in the FY22/23 budget for immediate safety improvements on the property including repairs and upgrades of paved pathways, reopening the restrooms and general maintenance of the open space, which will be utilized for passive recreation activities such as walking, biking and bird watching.

In the meantime, The Conservation Fund has contracted with a landscaping company to begin initial site clean-up and remediation. As they become available, property updates from The Conservation Fund will be posted below.

Important note: Removal of any material from the property, including plants, cactus, rocks, or sand or gravel is not allowed without permission from The Conservation Fund or the Town of Oro Valley. If you observe any suspicious activity, please contact the Oro Valley Police Department’s non-emergency number at 520-229-4900.

Property Updates from The Conservation Fund:

Additional information:

Please note this property is currently under remediation and clean-up. Some areas may have limited public access. 



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