Citizen Volunteer Assistants Program (CVAP)


The Citizen Volunteer Assistants Program (CVAP) is an essential part of the daily operations of the Oro Valley Police Department. They provide assistance to the officers and community in several ways to include: fingerprinting, traffic control during special events and major crashes, Dark House checks, Dispose-A-Med events, National Night Out, and so much more! The time donated by our CVAP participants allows the police officers to focus on more complex community concerns and law enforcement emergencies. Our CVAPs bring an assortment of skills and training from their own backgrounds. This diversity is paramount for the success of program. If you are interested in joining the CVAP team, follow the steps below. 


Here's how it works:

Step 1.Complete and submit the CVAP Interest form.

Step 2.Be sure to fill in all contact information details.

Step 3.Once your form is received you will be contacted by CVAP coordinator.

By Email

You may also email the Community Resource Unit at

CVAP Assignments

CVAP members may perform the following assignments:

  • Supports crime prevention initiatives of OVPD
  • Provide on-call assistance to law enforcement officials
  • Provides traffic assistance at special events
  • Provides administrative assistance to CVAP and OVPD 
  • Assist in the training additional volunteers
  • Provides fingerprinting services to adults and children
  • Assists at public events
  • Provides perimeter home inspection for citizens who vacate homes throughout the year, known as the Darkhouse program