Field Services Division

The Field Services Division is comprised of the Special Operations and Patrol Bureau. Read below for more about the responsibilities of each of these areas.

Special Operations

Traffic Unit

The Department has a strong 'Community Policing' philosophy and partners with the community to create a safer environment for the motoring public. In 2007, the Traffic Unit was removed from the patrol schedule in order to meet their goals and better serve the citizens and visitors of Oro Valley.

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DUI Enforcement

The DUI Enforcement is comprised of officers dedicated solely to actively seeking impaired drivers. They are supplemented in their task by regular patrol officers who have developed special skills in the area of drug recognition and phlebotomy. The Police Department also maintains Drug Recognition Experts (DRE's) and phlebotomists.

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K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is responsible for handling searches for narcotics, people and bombs.  The K-9 teams participate in regular training exercises to maintain their high level of expertise in their specialized field.

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Pima Regional S.W.A.T.

Created in 2005, OVPD is a founding member of the Pima Regional Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team. The Pima County Sheriff and governing board of participating police chiefs manage the team.  Seven different local participating law enforcement agencies make up the SWAT team.   The Pima Regional SWAT Team serves as a national model for regional tactical law enforcement and has created one of the largest and most progressive SWAT team in the state. The board is the final authority in all SWAT matters to include: budget, policies and procedures, manpower, equipment, etc. 

The Pima Regional SWAT Team is composed of several distinct elements: four tactical squads, two negotiations squads, the Pima Regional Bomb Squad, the Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit and one squad of Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) medics. These elements work together to resolve dangerous incidents that pose a risk to the lives of the residents of Pima County. These incidents include hostage situations, barricaded subjects, suicidal persons, high-risk arrest situations, high-risk search warrants, and other crimes or situations where the added training and resources of the SWAT team are needed.


Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for the uniformed patrol functions of the Department, including 24-hour response to the initial investigation of crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement and control, accident investigation and community policing programs.