Water Conservation

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The Conservation program provides important water saving services such as the WaterSmart Customer Portal, residential and commercial water audits, and the conservation Kids Program in Oro Valley service area. The Utility encourages and promotes the efficient use of water through community outreach and education and works cooperatively with local and regional partners for sustainability of our water resources.

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Kids Conservation Program

WaterSmart Online Portal
This convenient self-service program allows you to access your daily and hourly water use at any time. Early leak detection and high use notifications save water, reduce water waste and can save money on your water bill.

 Water Audits
Audits are a free educational and technical assistance service offered to residential, HOA and commercial customers to help conserve water at your home or business. Water use is evaluated both indoors and outdoors. Call Conservation at 520-229-5024 to schedule an audit.

Watch a fun video with your kids on water conservation: Conservation Kids Video


Water Wisdom Videos

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Water Wisdom Videos

This Water Wisdom video provides simple instructions for locating and reading your water meter.

Locate and Read Your Water Meter


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Welcome Guide

 Welcome to Oro Valley Water!

Our Welcome Guide will share important information about the services we provide.
It also shows you ways to save water and money. So whether you are new to Oro
Valley or not, use this guide to find the information you need in one location.

Welcome Guide

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