Water Utility Projects

The Water Utility Engineering & Planning Divisions are responsible for new development and Capital Improvement Projects in the water service areas. This includes reviewing plans built by developers. It also includes managing and administering contracts for designing and building new water facilities that are installed by the Water Utility for existing system improvements or expansion related projects. In addition, it is responsible to operate and update the Geographic Information System in coordination with the Town's Information Technology Department.


New Development

The New Development Section is responsible for reviewing Water Improvement Plans for new development and assisting with planning for future water system expansion. Once all Water Utility standards are met, the plans are approved for construction. This sections also inspects all water facilities that are constructed by developers prior to final acceptance and operation of those facilities. This section also assists in the preparation and development of water system master plans. These facilities include primarily pipelines and appurtenances, such as valves and hydrants, but can also include water storage reservoirs and booster pump stations.

The New Development Section also prepares Line Extension Agreements (LEA) and administers those LEAs and, when applicable, associated protected mains. When required, the New Development Section works closely with the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality to acquire Approval of Construction prior to placing new water facilities in service. Coordination with Town's Planning and Zoning, Public Works and Building Safety Departments is critical to this water improvement plan process and to ensure quality construction and that adequate water facilities are constructed in accordance with approved standards as our community grows.


Water Utility Projects and Developments

Please note that the estimated construction starting date is subject to the following:
Timely Right of Way Acquisition, Federal Permits Clearance, Utility Relocation and Funding.

  • Countryside Wheeling Station Upgrades
  • Design of Redundancy Water Line: Catalina Shadows & Palisades Area Interconnection
  • La Cañada Southbound Crossing: (Town of Oro Valley Community Center) Main & Valve Replacement
  • La Cañada Two-Zone Booster: Moore Rd.
  • Nakoma Sky Production Well: Civil & Control Panel Design Updates
  • Northwest Recharge Recovery & Delivery System (NWRRDS): Independent Forebay
  • Rancho Vistoso Booster Upgrades
  • Steam Pump Well Site Design & Equipping
  • Sun City Booster Station: Evaluation & Design
  • Well Rehabilitation Projects


Please submit a Public Records Request for information on projects that have been completed and are no longer listed.


Please check back soon for more information on current and upcoming projects.