Apply for a Residential Setback Modification

A setback modification is a request by a property owner for a reduction in the setback requirement from a property line for a house or detached accessory structure on a single-family residential property.

Process Steps

Step 1.Review the Setback Modification Process Guide

  • Click HERE(PDF, 311KB) for the process guide and checklist of requirements for submitting a request

Step 2.Submit General Application, including all supporting documentation

Step 3.Staff review and recommendation

  • Town staff will review application and send letter within ten (10) business days, including any comments or revisions that need to be addressed

Step 4.Once a submittal is complete, the Town will notify affected property owners

  • Affected property owners have fifteen (15) days after date of mailing to respond. If no response in opposition is received by Town staff, the application shall be considered unopposed and may continue through the review process

Step 5.Upon approval of the request, the property owner may submit a building permit application

  • If a setback modification request is approved, property owners may submit a building permit application to the Town with a formal letter documenting the setback modification approval



A decision by the Planning and Zoning Administrator may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment per Section 22.12 of the Oro Valley Zoning Code.