Record a Final Plat

Are you interested in dividing your land? If so, Town approval is required. Click here for the development review process if you are seeking to divide your land into four or more parcels or if you need to create a new road to access each parcel. Please follow the steps below for any land division involving three or less parcels with existing access to each. 


Step 1.Review the requirements for a final plat

Step 2.Submit a formal application online

  • All items must be submitted online in PDF format.
  • Submit a formal application online through the customer portal HERE, with all required contents from the Final Plat Process Guide(PDF, 477KB). You can find the application under "Planning and Zoning" - "Final Plat."
  • All fees must be paid upon submitting. Reviews will not begin until all fees are paid. Fees may be paid online.

Step 3.Staff review 

  • Town staff will review your submittal for code compliance 
  • Comments will be provided within 20 working days of a complete submittal
  • A revised application addressing staff comments may be required on resubmitted online. Additional revised submittals may be necessary if code issues are not adequately addressed 

Step 4.Town Council Approval

  • Once all staff comments have been addressed, the proposed plat will be scheduled for Town Council consideration.

Step 5.Recording

  • Subsequent to Town Council approval, it is the applicant's responsibility to submit Mylars of the plat to the Town for signatures.
  • Once signed, it is the applicant's responsibility to get the approved documents recorded with the Pima County Recorder's Office and annotated with Pima County Addressing.