Apply for a Wall permit

Wall Permit

Step 1. A wall permit is required for the following:

  • Site walls (screen/patio walls) taller than 6' (measured from finished grade)
  • Retaining walls taller than 4’ (measured from bottom of footing)
  • Retaining walls with site walls with a combined height taller than 6’ (measured from bottom of footing)
  • Retaining walls with an applied surcharge load (driveways, slopes, etc.)

 2018 International Building Code (IBC)

Walls that do not require a permit, such as a screen wall less than 6' tall or a retaining wall less than 4', must still meet the Oro Valley Zoning Code location requirements.  Contact the Planner-on-Duty at 520-229-4800 or for lot specific information. 

Step 2.Plan requirements:

Arizona Registrant designed plans are required for walls that require a permit.

Step 3.Provide the following information on the plans

  • Show the entire lot
  • Provide a north arrow and the street location and name
  • Identify the location of the wall
  • Indicate the height and thickness of the wall
  • Provide wall details such as:
    • Footing depth and width
    • Reinforcement bar, strength, size and spacing
    • Grout specifications
    • Imposed Surcharge Wall design calculations
      • Distance from toe to key
      • Height of soil over toe (per Allowable Soil Bearing Pressure requirements)
      • Justify size and spacing of weep holes
      • Justify material used around weep pipe as free draining
    • Special Inspection specifications
  • Soils report

  • Provide Wall stability ratios
  • Exposure Category: Oro Valley is 115 mph, 3 second gust
  • Over turning ratio ≥ 1.5 : 1 (min. requirement)
  • Sliding ratio ≥ 1.5 : 1 (min. requirement)
  • Allowable soil bearing pressure (reference Soils Report)
  • Active pressure (reference Soils Report)
  • Passive pressure (reference Soils Report)
  • Soil friction factor (reference Soils Report) 

Prepare your project for electronic submittal by doing the following:

  • Ensure all documents are in PDF format.
  • The security level in the PDF must allow the Town to apply stamps, markups and ultimately approvals on the document.
  • Do not mix portrait and landscape pages in the same document. Rotate all pages the same direction.

Notice: It is the applicant/owner's responsibility to ensure all private rules and regulations of the development are met. Contact the property owner or manager to determine if your sign will be allowed.

Step 4.Plans are now accepted online through the customer portal

You will receive an email confirming the submittal has been received. If you do not receive an email response call 520-229-4800.

Step 5.Plan review is 10 business days for reviews 1 and 2

Step 6.Permit fees are based on the linear footage of the wall

Step 7.Permit Issuance

  • Permits are issued electronically
  • The person responsible for the permit (applicant, contractor or homeowner), must print one full size set of:
  • Stamped approved construction plans
  • Inspection card (white paper is acceptable)
  • Supporting documents such as Calculations, Soils Reports, Special Inspector Reports, etc.
  • All of the above listed documents must be on the construction site in paper format and available for the building inspectors.
  • Failure to provide the approved paper documents on the job site for the inspector may result in a failure of inspections.