Outdoor Lighting Code

Outdoor Lighting Permit

An outdoor lighting plan is not generally submitted as a separate permit. Usually outdoor lighting information is included as part of the construction documents for a house, addition or commercial project. The following information will be expected to be shown in the building plans.

 Site Electrical Plan

  • Show the entire lot
  • Ensure the property lines are clearly identified 
  • Indicate where the new light fixture(s) will be installed 
  • Include landscape lighting if included in the scope of the project

Lighting Details - The following is to determine if the lighting meets the Oro Valley Zoning Code requirements:

  • Provide a calculation of code compliance with the following information submitted in table format as shown in the sample table:
  • Size (acres) of property 
  • Lighting Zone per table 27-5
  • Lighting Option used from table 27-5
  • Total allowed lumens (list shielded and unshielded separately)
  • Total lumens used (list shielded and unshielded separately)
  • Luminaire Schedule:
  • ID number or letter of each outdoor fixture.
  • ID number or letter should match fixture labels on the site plan
  • Identify the fixtures as fully shielded, unshielded or exempt
  • Mean lumens per fixture
  • Quantity of each fixture
  • Include fixtures that are exempt per OVZCR Section 27.5 and label those fixtures as “exempt”
  • Call out heights of light fixtures from grade to luminaire
  • Include height of wall mounted lights – Ensure compliance with the OVZCR 27.5.F.4 & 5
  • Label and include any existing site lighting in calculations
  • Submit cut sheets for each outdoor fixture.  Label each cut sheet with a corresponding ID number or letter on the plans

Electrical Details - The following is to determine compliance with the current electrical codes:

  • Residential:
  • Identify if additional circuit(s) are required or if using existing circuit(s)
  • Identify ampere rating of main panel. Electrical load calculations may be required depending on the new electrical load(s) added
  • Identify route of electrical wiring ie: underground, through attic, overhead, etc.
  • If using conduit identify type and size of conduit
  • Identify type and size of electrical wire
  • Commercial:
  • Provide a one line diagram of the main service and panel(s). Identify panel ampere ratings
  • Provide electrical load calculations and panel schedule(s)
  • Provide all electrical wiring methods and specifications, including all legends and acronyms
  • The electrical design may require an electrical engineer depending on the scope of work
  • Plans stamped by a registered design professional
  • Provide a point by point computer printout of foot candles 

Step 1. Prepare your project for electronic submittal by doing the following:

  • All documents must be in PDF format
  • The security level in the PDF must allow the Town to apply stamps, markups and ultimately approvals on the document
  • Do not mix portrait and landscape pages in the same document. Rotate all pages the same direction
  • Label the documents with the appropriate name. For example: Application, Cut Sheets, Calculations, etc.

Step 2.Plans are accepted online through the customer portal

Step 3.Plan review is 10 business days