Apply for a Special Use Permit

A special use permit authorizes a temporary use on a property for a special event, which may or may not be in compliance with its zoning standards.


Review Required Information

  • Refer to Section 25.A.1 of the Oro Valley Zone Code for Special Use Permit information


Step 1.Submit the formal application online

  • All items must be provided in PDF format.
  • Submit a formal application online through the customer portal with the following contents:
    • A copy of the site plan, showing location and details of requested special use (such as speaker locations or anticipated noise levels)
    • Date(s) and time frame(s) of event (please provide one application per event)
  • If you are new to the Town's customer portal, you will need to sign-up first. A short video about the customer portal is available HERE. You can find the application under "Special Use Permits."

  • All fees must be paid upon submitting. Reviews will not begin until all fees are paid. Fees may be paid online. 

Step 2.Staff Review and Notification

  • Town staff will review application and send a letter to the applicant within ten (10) business days on the Town's decision