Apply for a Right-of-Way Permit

The Engineering Division is responsible for the construction management for all the public roadway projects. The right-of-way is a section of land maintained by the Town that usually contains streets, sidewalks, multi-use paths, and public landscaping and art.

Engineering staff also issues right-of-way permits for all construction and activities that take place in the Town's right-of-way.

Right-of-way permits are required for anyone performing work that will impact or infringe upon the right-of-way, such as:

  • Utility work
  • Placing a temporary sign for an event like a yard sale or arts and crafts fair
  • Placing storage containers in the street (for example, ones used for packing up your home to move)
  • Making improvements to your driveway where it ties into public property
  • Contractors working with the Town to improve the right-of-way


Plans are now accepted online through the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a new permit and project managing system starting June 21, 2022.  All customers must set up an online account to use the system. 

Questions, call 520-229-4850


Applications are accepted online through the Customer Portal


Application Submittal

Step 1.Step 1: Verify if the street is public or private

Use the Street Maintenance Responsibility Map.
If the street is public and maintained by the Town, go to step 2.

If the street is private, contact your HOA.

Step 2.Step 2: Applications are now accepted online through the customer portal: Link to Customer Portal

Step 3.Step 3: Please allow at least two business days for processing.

Step 4.Step 4: Payments, permit issuance and inspections will also be managed through the online Customer Portal. 


Contact: Phone  520-229-4850   Email