Apply for a Type II Home Occupation

 A Type II Home Occupation is for home based businesses that do not qualify as a standard Home Occupation.


The Zoning Code permits residents to use their home as a place of livelihood through a Home Occupation Permit.  There are two types of Home Occupation Permits available:

  1.  The zoning code reads “Type I home occupations shall not have a discernible impact on the residential character of the neighborhood.“ Apply for a Type I Home Occupation HERE
  2. A Type II Home Occupation permit must be submitted to the Town’s Planning Division for review by staff and requires Planning and Zoning Commission approval.

Type II home occupations may have the potential for a minor or adverse impact to the neighborhood. Type II businesses include one (1) or more of the following:

           i.    The primary business activity is outdoors.

           ii.    More than one (1) but not more than two (2) nonresident employees report to work at the home.    

           iii.    Care is offered for five (5) to ten (10) children, age twelve (12) and under. Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) state approval is required.

           iv.    Home occupations resulting in visitors, customers, or deliveries with a potential for creating vehicular traffic in excess of twenty-five percent (25%) above that normally and reasonably occurring in a residential area as determined by the Planning and Zoning Administrator, are to be reviewed by the Town as a Type II home occupation. Type II home occupations may be authorized by the Planning and Zoning Commission only after a public hearing, per subsection D.4.b of this section

Step 1.Submit an application online 

  • All items must be provided in PDF format.
  • Submit a formal application online through the customer portal with all required contents from the Home Occupation Guide(PDF, 272KB).  You can find the application under "Planning and Zoning" - "Home Occupation - Type II." A complete submittal includes the following:
    • A narrative explaining the proposed Type II Home Occupation
    • A site plan of the entire property. The site plan shall include:
  • All lot lines
  • Identify and label the street(s)
  • Location of the main house
  • Location of accessory structures
  • Label accessory structures associated with the business
  • Show the driveway with dimensions
  • Identify where on-site parking is provided for potential customers
  • Identify areas of the home and property used for the home business
  • Provide a narrative explaining the proposed home based business
  • Include any supporting documents relevant to the proposed business

Step 2.Fees

  • Submittal fee is $390.00
  • All fees must be paid upon submitting. Reviews will not begin until all fees are paid. Fees may be paid online. 

Step 3.Staff review and recommendation

  • Town staff will review application and send letter within ten (10) business days, including any comments or revisions that need to be addressed

Step 4.Present and answer questions at the Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing

  • Applications are heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC), which is comprised of Oro Valley residents appointed by Town Council
  • Staff will schedule and notify you of your public hearing date
  • The PZC has the authority to grant/deny requests and their decisions are final (not passed on to Town Council)