Customer Portal for Permits/Development/Licenses

As of June 21, 2022 the Town of Oro Valley is using an online Customer Portal construction project management and business license tool.

Oro Valley developers, contractors, business owners and residents will use the portal for building and right-of-way permits, track development projects and apply for business licenses.

Getting started with our new online Customer Portal permit, project and license management system:

Your organization will be required to create an online portal account prior to submitting new applications, making payments, scheduling inspections, etc. 

New customers, without existing permits or applications, may proceed to the customer portal and create your new account.

For customers with existing projects, it is highly recommended that you obtain an ACCESS CODE for those projects. Please call the Town at 520-229-4800 and ask us to locate your ACCESS CODE. 

The access code will link your portal account to your existing application(s) and active permit(s).  It is recommended that your organization have one shared  so that all your active applications/permits are linked together and readily accessible under one account.  

Go to the new Customer Portal


Please note, all customers must create an account to access the new Customer Portal.

If you and/or other staff members of your company will submit plans frequently, you will want to know the access code to your Customer Portal account.  This will allow your staff to see all permits your company has in process at the Town.  Call us at 520-229-4800 after you create your account or after you have submitted your first project to obtain the access code.

An example of Customer account creation is available via a tutorial on OV SmartGov Tutorial

Also check the Document icon on the first page of the portal for more instructions.

Contact 520-229-4800 for assistance if needed.