Make minor exterior changes to multi-family/non-residential building

Are you looking to repaint or make other minor changes to the exterior of your multi-family or non-residential building? First, you must acquire zoning approval before implementing the changes. Please see below for more information. 



Review the applicable architecture design requirements

  • Review the Design Standards in Addendum A, of the Zoning Code.

Step 1.Submit a formal application online

  • All items must be provided in PDF format.
  • Submit a formal application online through the customer portal with all required contents from the Minor Exterior Change Guide(PDF, 164KB). You can find the application under "Planning and Zoning" - "Minor Exterior Changes." If you are new to the Town's customer portal, you will need to sign-up first. A short video about the customer portal is available HERE.
  • All fees must be paid upon submitting. Reviews will not begin until all fees are paid. Fees may be paid online. 

Step 2.Staff review and approval

  • All applicable departments will review your submittal for code compliance 
  • Staff comments will be provided within 10 working days of a complete submittal
  • A revised application addressing staff comments may be required. Additional revised submittals may be necessary if code issues are not adequately addressed 
  • Once all comments have been addressed and the request is code compliant, staff will approve the changes. The approved documents will be available online through the customer portal.

Step 3.Next steps

  • Subsequent to staff approval, the applicant is responsible for acquiring any necessary building permits