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Traffic Unit

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The Department has a strong 'Community Policing' philosophy and partners with the community to create a safer environment for the motoring public.  In 2007, the Traffic Unit was removed from the patrol schedule in order to meet their goals and better serve the citizens and visitors of Oro Valley.

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The goals of the Traffic Unit are to respond to citizens traffic concerns, be highly visible to the public, and enforce traffic laws.  By staying proactive and achieving these goals, the Motor Unit is able to deter criminal behavior from residing in or targeting Oro Valley.  The three measures deploying the Motor Unit are highest collision intersections, special events and citizens' traffic concerns.

Nine of the top 10 collision intersections happen along the Oracle Road corridor. With that, the Unit focuses a great deal of their attention on Oracle Road. With over 15 major special events each year, the Motor Unit is responsible for escorts and special duties to ensure the events are conducted safely and smoothly. 

The Oro Valley Traffic Unit consists of eight officers and one sergeant.  The Unit is required to maintain proficiency by attending a quarterly eight hour in-service training.  Hours of operation are weekdays covering from 5 - 2 a.m., weekends 6 a.m. - 4 p.m.  The Traffic Unit takes great pride in riding excellence, sharp appearance, integrity and professionalism.