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Homeland Security

Homeland Security
The Oro Valley Police Department along with the Town of Oro Valley are committed to the safety and protection of its citizens and employees. With the events of September 11, 2001, the Oro Valley Police Department established the Town of Oro Valley Office of Emergency Management.  The goal of this division is to provide employees of the Town of Oro Valley the proper training and equipment to maintain our high level of service in any type of man-made, technological or natural disaster that it may be confronted with.  This includes Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), National Incident Management System (NIMS) and series of exercises to strengthen the response and decision-making capabilities of Town personnel.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
The Town of Oro Valley is actively participating in the collaborative working group updating the 2017 Pima County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan, which was drafted in 2017 and is updated every 5 years, is used to identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with potential disasters and to develop long-term strategies for mitigating these risks in order to protect the people of Oro Valley.

The public will have the opportunity to comment on the current plan and the final draft of the updated plan. The comment period has begun for the final draft of the plan. The 2017 plan is available for viewing on the Pima County website. Comments may be submitted through the electronic form also located on the Pima County website.  Additional information can be found on the Pima County website.  If you have questions, please contact: Char Ackerman at


Oro Valley Citizen Corps Council

Lieutenant John Teachout administers the department's Homeland Security.

The duties and responsibilities have grown since 2001 to consist of the following:

  • Develop the departments Critical Incident Response Guide
  • Develop the departments Major Action Plan
  • Organize and facilitate departments Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Train department members and other town staff in the Incident Command System
  • Develop table top exercises to train town personnel, and outside agencies, in the proper response to major emergencies and disasters
  • Conduct threat and risk assessments evaluations of Town buildings and critical infrastructure
  • Apply for and manage Homeland Security grants
  • Serve on the following state and local committees:
    • Local Emergency Planning Committee
    • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Steering Committee
    • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Training and Exercise Committee
    • Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center Southern Region Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) Coordinator
    • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
    • Oro Valley Citizen Corps Council
  • Assist outside organizations prepare emergency/disaster plans