Find My Zoning

Zoning provides the development standards (e.g. building height and setbacks) and uses permitted on a property. It is important for both homeowners and developers to know the applicable zoning standards before starting any new project or expansions. 

  • Find the zoning of a property by clicking here.

Once you know your zoning district, you can review the applicable standards by following the links below.

  • Click here for the Oro Valley Zoning Code

In addition to the Oro Valley Zoning Code ,the Town has several Planned Area Developments. The purpose of Planned Area Development (PAD) is to improve and protect the public health, safety, and welfare by pursuing unified planning and development and provide for development proposals, which are superior to that which may occur under conventional zoning regulations.

  • Click here for the Planned Area Developments (Area Plans).
  • Click here(PDF, 77MB) for the OV Town Center Planned Area Development (revised in 2019).