General Plan


The General Plan is a community-driven, 10-year plan that includes goals, policies and measurable actions for public safety, environment, parks, water, development, housing, employment and more. The General Plan process identifies and turns the community’s vision into reality!

This page serves as a resource for information about the current Your Voice, Our Future General Plan and also serve as a hub for important updates and opportunities for community engagement as the town begins to prepare for the 2026 General Plan. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.

What is our current General Plan?

The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan was created and reviewed by residents during a multi-year process. The Plan was ratified by voters on November 8, 2016 and can be found online here(PDF, 6MB).

Inside the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan

The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan is made up of goals, policies and actions on topics important to the community:

  • Safety
  • Natural Beauty
  • Family Friendly
  • Complete Community
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Clean Environment
  • Land Use
  • Development and Design
  • Community Services and Utilities

In total, 25 goals and 77 policies identify Oro Valley's envisioned future and a path to get there. To help make Oro Valley's vision a reality, the Plan also includes 310 measurable action items the Town formally reports progress on annually. Click here(PDF, 437KB) to read the most current progress report. 


Town of Oro Valley General Plan Land Use Map(PDF, 5MB)

The Land Use Map shows the proposed general uses of land within Oro Valley. It is the official Oro Valley policy on how land is distributed or set aside for different uses. The Land Use Map in this Plan was revised from the previous version with help from the Your Voice, Our Future Development Committee. Most of the designations on the map remain the same. During the map revision process, residents recommended changes to the map be handled through the plan amendment process, due to the robust public engagement involved in a formal application. As such, it is anticipated that changes to the map will occur during the lifespan of this Plan.

Community Engagement Information and Opportunities

The next 10-year Plan for Oro Valley will include goals, policies and measurable actions for public safety, environment, parks, water and much more. Oro Valley's General Plan will be on the ballot in 2026 so it's time to kick off this important community effort, and that begins with you. Using the link here, please fill out this brief survey by January 26th.

If you have any questions or would like to complete a paper or telephone version of the survey, please contact Milini Simms, OV Principal Planner, at 520-229-4836.  

Additional opportunities for community engagement will be posted here as opportunities become available.