Available Sites and Buildings

 2090 E. Innovation Park Drive(PDF, 2MB)  Location: 2090 E. Innovation Park Drive
   Price:  $90+M to construct and equip
   Building Size: 112,500 SF

9050 N. Oracle Road(PDF, 1MB) Location: 9050 N. Oracle Road
Price: $650,000
Land: 1.5 acres

 10211 N. Oracle Road at Greenock Dr.(PDF, 1007KB)  Location:  10211 N. Oracle Road
   Price:  Contact Broker
   Land:  2.38 Acres
Cañada Crossroads(PDF, 1MB) Location: SWC Lambert Lane / La Canada Drive
Price: $22/SF/NNN
Size: Pad D:46,022 SF and Pad E: 33,104 SF

Cañada Hills Shopping Center(PDF, 563KB) Location: 10420 N. La Cañada Drive

$17.00 per SF/NNN(est.±$7 SF)

Size: Suite 150 - 1,500 SF

Capin Plaza(PDF, 2MB) Location: 8195 N. Oracle Road
Price: $28.00 SF/NNN (negotiable)
Building: 1,200 SF

El Conquistador Executive Plaza(PDF, 724KB) Location: 10195 N. Oracle Road
Price: $23.00 PSF, Modified Gross
Size: 2,136 SF (Divisible)

El Conquistador Way/Oracle Road NWC(PDF, 661KB)  Location:  El Conquistador Way/Oracle Road NWC
   Price:  See Brochure
   Land:  ±6.29 Acres; ±2.58 Acres
 El-Conquistador-Oracle-SWC-Desert-Sky-Oracle-NWC(PDF, 864KB)  Location: El Conquistador Way/Oracle Road SWC
    Desert Sky/Oracle Road NWC
   Price:   See Brochure
   Land:  1.16 Acres and 0.97 Acres

El Corredor(PDF, 793KB) Location: 9630 N. Oracle Road
Price: $32/SF, NNN
Size: 2,056 SF

Entrada De Oro(PDF, 839KB) Location: SWC of Oracle Road / Magee Road
Price: Contact Broker for details
Size: 1,130 SF; 2,000 SF; 2,400 SF

Foothills Business Park(PDF, 1MB)  Location: 10940 N. Stallard Place 
   Price:  $22.00 / SF NNN

1,900 SF Fully Furnished 

Innovation Campus(PDF, 967KB) Location: NEC Rancho Vistoso & Innovation Park Dr.
Price: $1,650,000 ($2.45/SF)
Size: +15.2 Acres

Innovation Park Master Plan(PDF, 5MB)
Available Lots(PDF, 7MB) Location: E. Innovation Park Drive
Price: See brochure for details
Size: Multiple lots available
Corporate Center(PDF, 3MB) Size: See brochure for details

Innovation Park Campus Land(PDF, 2MB) Location: NEC Tangerine & Innovation Park Dr.
Price:  Contact Broker
Land: ± 7.90 Acres

Lambert La Cholla NEC(PDF, 2MB)(PDF, 2MB)  Location:  NEC Lambert & La Cholla
   Price:  $8,000,000
   Land:  ± 44 Acres

Mercado at Canada Hills(PDF, 51MB) Location: NEC La Canada & Lambert
Price: Starting at $18.50/SF/YR
Size: Space and PADS available - see brochure for details

Mercado del Rio(PDF, 1MB) Location: North of Pusch View Lane Lot 3
Price: $349,000 ($9.07/SQFT)
Size: 38,467 SF, .88 Acres

Mercado del Rio Land Parcels (PDF, 1MB) Location: West Pusch View Lane
Price: Contact Broker
Land: Multiple lots available

Miller Ranch(PDF, 2MB) Location: NWC Tangerine / La Canada

Tech Park: $6-$8/SF
Retail: $2,175,000

Size: Tech Park:+6.2 acres
Retail:+5.89 acres

Mountain View Plaza(PDF, 1MB) Location: 1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd
Price: $15.00 - $17.00/SF
Size: 1,000 - 2,000 SF

Oracle Crossing(PDF, 3MB) Location: 7725 N Oracle Road
Price: Contact Broker
Size: 4,533 SF

Oracle Vista Centre(PDF, 2MB) Location: NW Corner of Oracle and Linda Vista
Price: See Brochure
Size: See Brochure
 Oro Valley Commerce Center(PDF, 926KB)  Location:  10861 N. Mavinee Drive
 $8 - $10/SF/year, NNN
  Size:  ±7,582 SF 

Oro Valley Hospital Campus(PDF, 1MB) Location: 1521 E. Tangerine Road
Price: $27 SF Full Service 
Size: Multiple suites available--see brochure

Oro Valley Marketplace(PDF, 11MB) Location: SWC Oracle Road / Tangerine Road
Size: Multiple--see brochure

Oro Valley Marketplace - Land Offer(PDF, 3MB) Location: SWC Oracle Road / Tangerine Road
Price: $13.50/SF (Entire Parcel)
Size: 7.41 Acres

Palisades Corporate Center(PDF, 3MB) Location: N/NEC Oracle & Hardy Road
Price: Contact Broker
Size: Up to 75,000 SF of design build

Plaza Escondida(PDF, 5MB) Location: SEC Oracle Road / Magee Road
Price: $22 - $24/SF, NNN
Size: 1,400 SF and 2,364 SF

Pusch Ridge Centre Ste. 103(PDF, 655KB)  Location:  10371 N. Oracle Road 
   Price:  $19/SF
   Size:  1,256 SF
 Pusch Ridge Centre Ste. 201(PDF, 2MB)  Price:  $22/SF
   Size:  3,301 SF
Rancho Vistoso Center(PDF, 2MB) Location: 12925 N. Oracle Road
Price: Contact Broker
Size: 34,237 SF; 1,435 SF and 2,449 SF
Rancho Vistoso Development Site(PDF, 3MB) Location:  North of NEC Tangerine & Rancho Vistoso Blvd.
  Price:  $2,200,000 (6.28/SF) 
  Size: 8.05 Acres 

 Rancho Vistoso Professional Offices(PDF, 2MB)  Location:  12480 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.
   Price:  $290,000 
   Size:  1,473 SF

 Rancho Vistoso Land Offer(PDF, 2MB)  Location: NWC Rancho Vistoso Blvd. and Oracle Road
   Price:  $2,000,000 ($5.73/SF)
   Size:  + 8 Acres

Ridge View Plaza(PDF, 871KB) Location: 180 W. Magee Road
Price: Contact Broker
Size: See brochure for details

Ridge View Plaza 200 W. Magee(PDF, 2MB) Location: 200 W. Magee Road
Price: $18.50/RSF
Size: 1,694 SF

Rooney Ranch(PDF, 633KB) Location: 10661 N. Oracle Rd
Price: Contact Broker
Size: Anchor space and multiple suites available

 Rooney Ranch Restaurant Site(PDF, 2MB) Location: 10605 N. Oracle Road
   Price:   Est. $7.50 NNN 
   Size:  4,174 SF bldg, 36,000 SF lot
 Rooney-Ranch-Office-Center(PDF, 861KB)  Location: 10425 N. Oracle Road
   Price:  $25.94/SF - $23.50/SF
   Size:  1,618 SF (Ste. 121) and 4,665 SF (Ste. 220)
San Dorado(PDF, 5MB) Location: East of 1st Ave on N. Oracle Road
Price: See brochure for details
Size: Pads: For Sale, Ground Lease or BTS

San Jose Plaza(PDF, 2MB) Location: 10134 N. Oracle Road Ste. 100
Price: $18 NNN or $250/SF For Sale
Size: End Cap--2000 SF Suite

Shoppes at Oracle(PDF, 3MB) Location: 8500 N. Oracle Road
Price: Bldg. 1 - $19/SF NNN (Grey Shell) Bldg. 3 - $14/SF NNN

Bldg. 1 - 1,967 SF Bldg. 3 - 17,733 SF (Divisible)

Shops at Oro Vista(PDF, 954KB) Location: SEC Lambert Lane/La Canada
Price:  Negotiable
Size: 1,333 - 2,736 SF

Steam Pump Village(PDF, 3MB) Location: 11001 N. Oracle Road
Price: $595,000
Land: Up to 8,000 SF buildable office space
 Steam Pump Village(PDF, 2MB)  Location:  11121 N. Oracle Road
   Price:   Contact Broker
   Land:   60,000 SF PAD
 Sun Professional Center(PDF, 352KB)  Location:  7467 N. Oracle Road
   Price:  $1,990/month; $24.50/SF/Year
   Size:  975 SF
The Rancho Vistoso(PDF, 6MB)  Location: 13101 N. Oracle Road
 Room Size Information(PDF, 892KB)  Price:  Sale: $160 PSF; Lease: $18.00 NNN
   Size:  50,000 RSF (Divisible to 10,000 SF)