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Customer Services

Customer Service personnel include Customer Service Representatives and Utility Operators. This staff is responsible for meter reading, maintaining the meters, billing and collection of payments and establishing service for over 19,107 customer connections serving a population of approximately 41,884. This includes both the customers within the Town boundaries and the Countryside area.

This site will provide you with many resources for checking your account balance and water usage history,  establishing service and avoiding delinquent turn-off of your water service. In addition, you will find information on the Pima County Sewer and Storm Water Utility fees that appear on your water bill.

Please call (520) 229-5000 to schedule closing or opening new accounts.  

Customer Service Reminder
If you are going on vacation or planning to be away for an extended period of time, please provide the Water Utility with an emergency contact telephone number or an email address for emergency contact. A few minutes now could save thousand's of gallons of water usage and the costs associated with a leak in the future. Please help us help you.


Customer Service                                                                 Contact #              Email                                   

Maryann Jacob, Customer Service Specialist                520-229-5020

Lorena Vargas, Customer Service Specialist                 520-229-5022

Susie Shelton, Customer Service Specialist                  520-229-5021

Carolyn Schneider, Customer Service Supervisor         520-229-5012

Yarina Hynd, Customer Service Representative            520-229-5031