Sandbags for Oro Valley residents

Even if it's not raining (yet), June 15 marks the official start of monsoon season in Southern Arizona, and the Town of Oro Valley wants to make sure you are monsoon ready! Beginning June 15, the Town will provide free sandbags to residents who may need to protect areas of their homes from storm runoff during the monsoon. 

Sandbags can be picked up beginning June 15, through the duration of the 2022 monsoon season (or while supplies last), ending September 30, 2022.

Due to a limited number of supplies, only Town residents are eligible, and there is a limit of 10 sandbags per vehicle. See TIPS  to fill bags below.

Sandbags are self-service; please bring your own shovel, you will need to bag and load your own sand. If you need assistance loading sandbags into your vehicle please call ahead of time to notify town staff of your need.

TIP TO FILL BAGS:  See USDA Sandbag Barrier page for tips such as: Fill sandbags half full  using sand or local soil, fold the top of the sandbag down, and then place the bag on its folded top.

Oro Valley Residents Pickup Location

Due to ongoing construction activities associated with the Naranja Park Expansion Project, the Oro Valley Stormwater Utility announced a new location for Oro Valley residents to pick up free sandbags during monsoon. The pickup location will continue to be at Naranja Park (810 W. Naranja Drive) but will move from the area known as the “Christmas tree recycling lot” about 600 feet to the north, on the west side of the entry road.

Click here for the new pickup location map(PDF, 5MB)

Hours for Naranja Park are Monday - Sunday 6:00 am - 10:00 pm. This location is self-service.  

Residents who require assistance may make an appointment with Town Staff to pick up pre-bagged sand at a designated time. To book your appointment, or for any questions, please contact OV Stormwater Utility Staff  520-229-4850 option 3 or by email at

An important message from your Oro Valley Stormwater Utility

The Oro Valley Stormwater Utility continues to be proactive in managing washes and addressing potential flood issues and is proud to offer this service to Oro Valley residents. The Utility would also like to remind residents that we need your help to make sure our community stays safe and clean during the summer rainy season. If you see any water quality/pollution or flooding issue please contact the OV Stormwater Utility via phone at 520-229-4850 option 3 or via email at

Lastly, make sure you and your family are prepared for the monsoon! Take a look at Oro Valley's Monsoon Preparedness Guide and sign up for safety alerts. Get started by visiting and typing MONSOON in the search bar.


What is a Sandbag Barrier and how do you install one

The U.S. Department of Agriculture shares information on

  • What is a Sandbag Barrier?
  • When is a Sandbag Barrier used?
  • How is a Sandbag Barrier installed?

To see this information click on this link to view the USDA Sandbag Barrier page