Oro Valley's Path Forward Big Community Survey results revealed

Published on May 24, 2024


ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (May 24, 2024) – As part of Oro Valley’s 2026 General Plan process, a community survey was conducted in February and March 2024 to gather residents’ priorities and expectations for the Town’s future. A full report of the Big Community Survey’s results is now available on OVPathForward.com.

More than 3,000 community members participated in this survey, providing invaluable feedback that will help shape Oro Valley’s next 10 years. With an impressive response rate that exceeds the Town’s award-winning 2016 General Plan community engagement effort and outpaces surrounding jurisdictions, the results reflect the strong commitment Oro Valley residents have for their community.

The survey shows public safety and OV’s natural beauty are highly valued by residents. Improving traffic and reducing the distance to services was also prioritized by residents. How can the Town make sure these values are maintained and expectations are met?

Community Engagement and Next Steps

Oro Valley residents continue to demonstrate their dedication and care for the Town by actively engaging in Oro Valley’s Path Forward, the community’s next 10-year action plan.

We extend special thanks to everyone who took 10 minutes of their time to help shape Oro Valley’s next decade. Your voice is essential in creating the community’s vision, values, and goals for the future.

Although a major part, the Big Community Survey is just one component prescribed by the award-winning Community Engagement Plan to gather residents’ ideas and perspectives. The responses from the survey will be combined with the 5,000+ comments received online and from in-person events. These comments will establish the building blocks of the 10-year plan, and be reflected in the community’s vision, values, and goals.

Ongoing Participation Opportunities

There’s still time to share your priorities and expectations for Oro Valley’s future.

Expand upon your survey responses and join the ongoing online conversations today on OVPathForward.com. Discuss important topics such as water, housing, traffic, public safety, economic development, scenic views, and more.

To help residents develop the community’s next 10-year plan, the OV Path Forward Background Report is also available online. It provides a snapshot of current conditions and future trends on these topics and others that determine residents’ quality of life.

The topics in the background report will be covered at this year’s Community Academy. Learn more and register now for the free and fun program, here.

Everyone’s voice is needed to ensure the 10-year action plan accurately reflects the entire community. Make sure your voice is heard—whether you participate online or in the community, your input matters.

Stay up‐to‐date and get involved by visiting OVPathForward.com.