Park Bond Project Details

1. Overview

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Oro Valley Town Council voted to approve $25 million in bond financing for various Parks and Recreation improvements. This is not a voter-approved bond that adds property taxes to cover the repayment. Rather, the cost for repayment of these bonds is in included in the sales taxes the Town already collects. More than half of the $25 million bond will be used to add amenities in Naranja Park, which were identified by the community in the recent parks master planning process. Click here to view a Case Study(PDF, 704KB) conducted regarding this project. The bond will also fund projects at the Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center and expand Oro Valley’s quality multiuse path system.

The projects are anticipated to be completed over the next three years. As conceptual plans and the park bond continue to be finalized, details and timelines about each specific project are subject to change. Be sure to check this website often for updates, as it will be updated regularly once projects begin.

2. Naranja Park

As of May 18, all new amenities are now open! This includes the skate park/pump track, four pickleball courts, the RC airfield, two multi-use fields, the splash pad and additional parking areas, restrooms and shade areas. To learn more about the park, click here!

At its November 16 meeting, Town Council approved a revised, value-engineered plan for the Naranja Park Expansion Project and other recreational projects that more closely meets the allocated budget. The Town is excited to announce that the plan still includes skate/bike amenities that will be built on the north end of the park, a splash pad, four pickleball courts and two new multi-use fields. The dog park will remain in its current location. Click here for more details on the value-engineered plan(PDF, 130KB). See below for the updated Park Directory. Project is scheduled to be complete in May of 2024.

Naranja Park Directory

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Other Resources

Week of May 6 construction update

Grand Opening 9 a.m. May 18th for all the new amenities!  The skate park grouted riprap at the half-pipe feature is our best photo of the week. This is followed closely by an overview of the parking and new fields, with the backdrop of the Catalina Mountains. The completed splash pad with landscaping in place is our last picture this week.

Nep    Nep   nep

Week of April 29 construction update

Grand Opening May 18 for all the new amenities! The splash pad again wins out as the most exciting development this week. The pump systems have been started and contractor is underway getting the chemicals and automated systems working properly. The lighting was tested this week for the skate park and pickle ball courts with good results.

NEP update   NEP update  NEP update  NEP update

Week of April 15 construction update

This week’s update focuses on three major milestones. First, the landscaping was completed at the skate and bike area. Next, the fields are being irrigated now and greening up nicely, along with the new plants and wildflowers from the hydroseed. Finally, the splash pad has undergone the greatest changes of all. The amenities are being installed and the landscaping has been installed in the area. The sidewalks connecting to the playground are complete and it is looking great!

NEP update  NEP Update  NEP Update

Week of April 8 construction update

Landscaping the skate and bike area got underway last week, and great progress was made on the Musette wash crossing with casting of the headwall and the addition of the handrail. Signage and striping are being finalized. The splash pad is near 100% complete and will be starting up in the next couple weeks. Ground cover is being placed to control erosion, and final grading in the basins and swales.  

 NEP   NEP Update  NEP Update

Naranja Park Expansion Details

The bond will bring more ways for Oro Valley to play at Naranja Park! As part of the bond proposal, additional multi-sport field are expected to be added to the four already at the park. Pickleball courts and basketball courts are also planned.

The site plan presented to the public on April 6 will require areas of the park to be raised or lowered to establish field elevations and level areas for the buildings, ramadas and amenities to be built.  The initial contract will include the mass grading and a second component, the walkway improvements between Fields 1-2 and 3-4.  The walkway improvements project includes a 12-foot meandering sidewalk and shade structures with turnouts for food trucks.

Families can look forward to cooling down at the Naranja Park splash pad. This would be the second splash pad in Oro Valley; the first splash pad is at the Oro Valley Aquatic Center.

The bond is expected to bring two first-of-its-kind amenities to Oro Valley – a Bike and Skate Park tailored to all wheel sports (bikes, skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades) which will highlight a pump track, which is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden by pumping the body (instead of pedaling or pushing) to gain momentum. 

Here are some other upgrades expected to come to Naranja Park:

  • Paved paths
  • Ramadas
  • Restrooms
  • Associated Infrastructure

3. Community Center Projects

Tennis and Pickleball Court Renovation 

The project is complete.

Golf Course Irrigation Replacement Projects

Conquistador Golf Course irrigation replacement

Installation work on the El Conquistador Irrigation system has been completed.

Cañada Golf Course irrigation replacement

Start     April 25, 2023
End        October 2023

Work continues to progress with mainline irrigation pipe and control wire installation complete for holes #1 through #9 and holes #15 through #18, with installation of mainline irrigation pipe and control wiring currently being installed on hole #14. Meantime, the installation of irrigation lateral piping, sprinkler heads and control wiring has been completed for holes #1 through #8 and holes #16 through #18, with work on hole #9 ongoing.

Community Center parking lot

Another improvement project at the Community Center will be the reconfiguration of the Community Center parking lot. According to Parks and Recreation’s Master Plan, the reconfiguration of the parking lot will increase the number of stalls by 40%, replace the entry and parking lot surface and add additional shade trees in the area.

The Town began improvements to the parking lot at the Community & Recreation Center on July 5, 2023. These improvements include paving and reconfiguring the east dirt parking lot and the paved parking lot adjacent to it. This work will result in an increase of 120 permanent parking spaces! This project will take approximately three months to complete.

In addition to the dirt parking lot being unavailable during this project, there will also be a portion of the paved parking lot which will also be unavailable as it is used for the project. As the project progresses, there may be the need to restrict other areas of the parking lot. If this occurs we will communicate these closure as they arise. In the event users are unable to find a parking space at the facility, the Town Hall campus (11000 N. La Canada) is a short five-minute walk from the facility which has ample parking and a crosswalk to allow for access to the Community Center. We are aware that parking will certainly be challenging during this time; however, we appreciate your patience as we make this frequently requested and necessary improvement.

Below is an overhead image of the parking lot and the construction fence line.

CRC parking lot construction fencing.jpg


4. Multiuse Paths

multiuse path.PNG

The following multiuse paths are expected to be constructed:

  • La Cañada Drive between Lambert Lane and Naranja Drive
  • Naranja Drive between La Cañada Drive and Naranja Park entry
  • Cañada del Oro (CDO) Wash to James D. Kriegh Park

Multiuse Paths Updates

On November 17, 2021, Oro Valley Town Council authorized and approved an agreement with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) to fund the design and construction of the La Cañada Drive multiuse path between Lambert Lane and Naranja Drive. The agreement adds an additional $420,000 to the previously approved $25 million in bond financing for various Parks and Recreation improvements.

It should be noted that this agreement only funds this specific multiuse path. Because of the supplemental funding, the monies that would have been used on this project can now be distributed to other park-related projects.

5. Implementation Timeline

The order in which project construction is anticipated to begin and end has been tentatively planned as follows, subject to execution of contracts with qualified firms:

Naranja Park (this will be phased with some elements opening sooner than others)

Start      May 31, 2022
End        Fall 2024

Conquistador Golf Course irrigation replacement

Start      May 2022
End        October 2022

Cañada Golf Course irrigation replacement

Start     April 25, 2023
End        October 2023

Community Center Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Start      May 2022
End        October 2022

Community Center Parking Lot Reconfiguration

Start      Summer 2023
End        TBA

La Cañada Drive multiuse path

Start      April 2022
End        July 2022

Naranja Drive multiuse path

Start      July 2022
End        December 2022

CDO Wash multiuse path

Start      TBD
End        TBD

6. Parks and Recreation Master Plan Background

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was completed and presented to the Town Council in May 2021.  The plan was the culmination of an 18-month process that began in September 2019 and included significant community input and engagement.  The development of the plan was part of the Council’s Strategic Leadership Plan goal, which states, “Invest in and maintain a high-quality parks, recreation and trail system that is accessible, comprehensive, connected and serves the community’s needs.” The plan will serve as a guide for investments in parks and recreation amenities and programs for the next ten years.

On May 5, 2021, the Town Council voted to broaden the use of the half-cent sales tax originally dedicated to support the operation of the Town’s golf courses, community center, tennis courts and related amenities, to include construction of other parks and recreation facilities.  This change led to the Council authorizing $25 million in bond financing for a variety of parks and recreation projects paid from this restricted fund, while continuing to support the golf courses and community center facilities and programs. The bond will be repaid through sales taxes the Town already collects. No property or sales tax increases will be required.

On July 7, 2021, the Town Council voted to have the Naranja Park, Community and Recreation Center, and multiuse path projects funded by the $25 million bond financing.  Since this is a multi-year initiative, if additional funds are needed to complete the list of projects, the Town Council will be presented with further funding requests during the annual budget process. On September 22, 2021, the Town Council voted to issue the $25 million in bonds. 

How was data gathered for the master plan?

The Parks and Recreation master plan project included two phases – a Needs Assessment and development of a Comprehensive Master Plan.  The Needs Assessment, completed in the spring of 2020, identified community needs to create a foundation for future development of recreational facilities and opportunities for the Town over the next 10 years.  The data-driven Assessment included a review of current park facilities and amenities.  The assessment used various community gathering methods from user groups, stakeholders, Town staff and residents. The data was gathered using in-person meetings, opportunities to comment online or by email and a statistically valid survey.

Phase II, the Comprehensive Master Plan, included technical analyses of the current park facilities and program offerings through level of service standards and geographical analysis, as well as operational and connectivity reviews.  The consultant team prepared a capital improvement plan, as well as presenting funding and revenue strategies to achieve the plan’s goals.  Phase II also was refined through Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Town Council and community input. The final plan was presented to Town Council in May 2021.