Volunteer opportunities with Oro Valley’s Adopt-A-Program

Published on February 15, 2023


OV Town Talk: Volunteer opportunities with Oro Valley’s Adopt-A-Program

By Aimee Ramsey, Assistant Director of Public Works

The Town of Oro Valley has a rich history of volunteer work. From boards and commissions to public safety groups and regional groups, volunteers bolster Town programs and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. Those who drive or recreate in Oro Valley benefit especially from one volunteer group: the Adopt-A-Programs.

The Adopt-A-Programs consist of three programs: Adopt-A-Roadway, Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Trailhead. The Town of Oro Valley’s Adopt-A-Road program is designed to keep our roads free of debris and other hazardous items. In January 2000, the Town established the Adopt-A-Road program, modeled after the State of Arizona and Pima County programs. Four years after that, Adopt-A-Trail/Trailhead was established, providing an outlet for the community to assist in trail maintenance.

There is no one type of Adopt-A-Program volunteer. Our volunteers consist of non-profit organizations such as the Lion’s Club and the American Legion, high school groups and the Boy Scouts. Oro Valley individuals and families can also sign up to be volunteers. Many times, individuals volunteer in memory of a loved one. To be approved as a volunteer, you will need to be a resident or non-profit within Oro Valley town limits. Addresses will be verified during the application process. Unfortunately, for-profit businesses and political organizations are not allowed to participate.

When you adopt a road, trail or trailhead, the sponsorship commitment is for two years. Volunteers are expected to perform clean-ups four times a year (once a quarter). Volunteers can renew their sponsorships for an additional two years if they choose. The Town is proud to have many long-serving Adopt-A-Program volunteers. In fact, you can hear why one volunteer keeps on renewing his sponsorship in our latest This is Oro Valley podcast that focuses on the Adopt-A-Programs. To listen, visit here.

The Town provides safety vests, trash bags, and trash grabbers for volunteers to keep during the duration of their sponsorship. These supplies help keep our volunteers safe. After the volunteer has completed the clean-up, the Town will pick up the full trash bags along the roadside and properly dispose of them. During clean-up, if volunteers come across hazardous materials (needles, broken glass, animal carcasses or heavy objects like tree stumps), they are asked to flag the material and notify the Public Works Department. Town employees will properly dispose of the hazardous material during bag pick-up.

Does this sound like a volunteer opportunity you would like to participate in? Just think about how much of a positive impact you could make by cleaning up our roads or trails four times a year! Our volunteers often say they have a strong desire to be of service to their community, and the Adopt-A-Program fulfills that need. If you are ready to sign up, the process is easy, thanks to our award-winning website that recently won a Flag Forward award by Cartegraph, a leader in infrastructure asset management software.

To sign up, visit orovalleyaz.gov and search ADOPT-A-ROAD. You will have the option to click on either the Adopt-A-Road or Adopt-A-Trail program. From there, you can see which road or trail/trailhead is available to adopt, enter your name and contact information, review the safety waiver and watch two short safety training videos. Once you submit your application and it’s approved, the Town will order and install a recognition sign on the road or trail you adopted and schedule the first clean-up, where you will pick up your supplies.

The Adopt-A-Programs is part of the Townwide beautification program called Keep OV Beautiful, a volunteer-driven program designed to maintain litter and roadside debris in Oro Valley. While the Adopt-A-Programs require a long-term commitment, the Keep OV Beautiful program is designed to accommodate large or small groups that want to participate in single-day litter collection events within the community. The Town always welcomes those who want to do single-day clean-ups. You can learn more or register for Keep OV Beautiful volunteer opportunities by visiting our website and typing in KEEP OV BEAUTIFUL in the search bar.

Litter reduction is a positive action that each of us can do. We recognize and are appreciative of our current and future Adopt-A-Program volunteers. By adopting a road, trail or trailhead, your time and effort show our community that each of us can reduce litter and help ensure that Oro Valley remains an enjoyable and safe place to live.


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