Town revises Zoom meeting procedures based on Zoom update

Published on October 05, 2020

Zoom - White.jpg

Zoom has revised its log-in procedures for video conferencing, effective as of September 27, 2020. Zoom’s new procedures require meeting attendees, who call in by telephone, to enter a Meeting ID and Passcode when they call to listen to Town meetings. When the pandemic began in spring 2020, the Town of Oro Valley required Town public meetings—Town Council, boards and commission meetings and neighborhood meetings—be held online using Zoom video conferencing. Please note that each Town meeting has a unique Meeting ID and Passcode. To find the Meeting ID and Passcode, look at the top of the first page of the Town Council or board and commission agenda. Example below:

Town of Oro Valley agenda for demonstration purpose

For example, the Meeting ID is underlined in purple and the Passcode is underlined in green below.

Town agenda underlined for the purpose of example

This new procedure is only necessary for people dialing in by phone. Dial the phone number listed on the meeting agenda you are interested in listening to and then enter the Meeting ID and Passcode. For those who watch online meetings using the Zoom Video Conferencing app, simply click on the link in the meeting agenda and the Meeting ID and Passcode will automatically be entered and you will join the meeting. For Zoom neighborhood meetings held for planning projects, the Meeting ID and Passcode will be found on the project’s page in

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