New Oro Valley mural commemorates 50th anniversary

Published on May 30, 2024

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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (May 30, 2024) – The Town of Oro Valley and the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA) are proud to announce the completion of a new commemorative mural on the Oro Valley Aquatic Center building at James D. Kriegh Park, 23 W. Calle Concordia. Created by local artist Ashley White, the mural captures the Town’s rich history and stunning natural beauty.

The three-panel mural wraps around the southwest corner of the Aquatic Center, facing both Calle Concordia and the park’s entryway, offering a picturesque view and a great photo opportunity.

Panel one of the mural, along the west side of the facility, is an interactive timeline that showcases significant moments in Oro Valley’s history. The panel employs a newer technology, called “image-to-QR code,” which allows viewers to scan the various pieces of art within the mural in the same way you’d scan a QR code, and be directed to a website for more information. For those of us who prefer traditional QR codes, those are also available.

Panel two features the Town’s 50th anniversary logo, and panel three is a stunning mural of local flora and the words “Oro Valley” set against the Catalina Mountains. If you’re looking for a great selfie, family photo or Instagram hot spot, this is the place.

“Through vibrant strokes and intricate details, this commissioned mural transcends mere paint on a wall,” said Kate Marquez, executive director of SAACA. “It encapsulates the history and evolution of the community, weaving the culture of Oro Valley into a thoughtful representation of growth.”

Ashley White, known for her engaging artwork, brings a deep understanding of Oro Valley to this project. With two murals already adorning the Town (2023 "Pusch Ridge sunrise" at the Oro Valley Recreation Center and 2021 "Dream it, then do it" at James D. Kriegh Park), White’s connection to the community is clear.

“I was honored to be chosen for Oro Valley's first mural at James D. Kriegh Park in 2021,” said Ashley. “When I read about this new opportunity, I was excited about the possibility of returning to the park to add a new mural to this beautiful area. To me, it feels instinctive and natural to paint the mural honoring the 50th anniversary of the Town. My goal was to design a mural that is beautiful and visually interesting from afar and educational and interactive up close.”

The idea for a 50th anniversary mural was the product of staff discussions about creative ways to honor this important milestone in our community’s history. That idea came to fruition via the Town’s partnership with SAACA, who managed the artist selection process and project timeline. Members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board provided input on the mural’s function and aesthetics before a final design was identified.

The Town of Oro Valley invites everyone to visit the Oro Valley Aquatic Center to experience this remarkable mural firsthand. It is sure to become a beloved landmark in our community.

About Ashley White / DELSA DESIGNS
Ashley White is a dedicated muralist whose work, under the name DELSA DESIGNS, is characterized by its connection to the community. Her previous projects in Oro Valley include "Pusch Ridge sunrise" at the Oro Valley Recreation Center and "Dream it, then do it" at James D. Kriegh Park.

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