Bighorn Fire: Residents asked to sign up for notifications; no drones

Published on June 07, 2020

Photo of Bighorn Fire in Catalina Mountains

The Town of Oro Valley and the Oro Valley Police Department are monitoring the Bighorn Fire in the Catalina Mountains. OVPD is in contact with Golder Ranch Fire District personnel regarding the fire, which has reached 1,000 acres.

“Right now, we are encouraging residents to stay informed and to sign up for the Town’s Code RED notification system, so that we can reach as many of our residents as possible with notifications. Social media is a good tool, but not everyone uses it. So, please sign up for Code RED,” said Chief of Police Kara Riley. “Also, there is a temporary flight restriction in this area. Do not fly drones in the area. They are dangerous for the aircraft fighting the fires.”

Code RED
Click here to sign up for Code RED
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Golder Ranch Fire District
Golder Ranch Fire District Chief Randy Karrer added, “Right now this fire is being fought primarily from the air. It’s in the canyons in some hard to reach spots. We’ve got Golder Ranch crews stationed in the La Reserve area to keep an eye on the fire, and we’re supporting the efforts of the Forest Service firefighters.”

Four things the public can do:

  1. Keep your drones grounded
  2. Sign up for Code RED
  3. Follow Coronado National Forest’s Facebook page and website for information
  4. Follow the Town of Oro Valley on Facebook

Catalina State Park
Catalina State Park is closed to the public until further notice.

Fireworks test launch cancelled
For practical and safety reasons, tonight’s fireworks test launch at Naranja Park has been cancelled. An announcement will be made when that is rescheduled.

Stay tuned for more information.