Town Surveys

FlashVote surveys

FlashVote is a survey application the Town of Oro Valley has used since February 2019 to survey residents. FlashVote requires survey respondees to register their location, which allows the Town to filter out non-resident responses. This helps provide more accurate data to decision makers, and that helps the Town use survey responses to address resident concerns. Oro Valley residents are highly engaged, and FlashVote takes advantage of our resident’s energy and insight.

Each survey has a maximum of five questions and usually take five to 15 minutes to complete, with the Town issuing approximately once a month. The survey is ‘live’ for 48 hours and then closes. Each respondee receives the survey results within one hour of the survey closing.

The results of FlashVote surveys have helped inform Town staff from the beginning. The first survey regarding Parks, Recreation, Arts and Culture (February 2019) showcased how many people use Riverfront Park and Steam Pump Ranch. This resulted in additional funding for these two parks in subsequent budget years. Results from the Website Usage survey (November 2019) provided insight into what residents wanted for the Town’s new website, this provided more functionality to the Town’s project information and pages. Results from the most recent survey regarding reopening businesses and restaurants after the COVID-19 pandemic, has provided insight about what citizens want to see from businesses that are reopening.

The Town will continue to use FlashVote as a tool to survey residents. See below for previous surveys and responses. To sign up and register, visit

Results from previous surveys:


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